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And it Didn't Even Taste That Good

The cafeteria's on the Microsoft campus are pretty decent most of the time. Sometimes the lines can take a while, so I usually choose where I eat based on that. Today I went early so I chose The Pasta ya Gotcha, who's lines can get slow. I usually order the Texas Tijuana Taco Penne or just Taco Penne for short. It's pretty good, it's easy for them to make, and they sell a lot of it. Instead of ordering the Taco Penne, I decided to give the Penne Puttanesca a try.

For those of you who don't know, Puttanesca is basically a tomato sauce. So I go up to the counter and give the girl my order, but being an English speaking person, I had a hard time with the pronunciation. I can't really spell out what I sounded like but it was roughly, "putschensciahss." I expected the girl to laugh at my bad pronunciation, correct me, and then make it. Instead she stared at me blankly. So, I tried saying it more clearly, basically enunciating each of the letters, "Putt…

Reduce Carbon by Using Paper

Last week, I found this site It's basically a site that will take your money and use it to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

The thing with these companies, is they tell you they are supporting projects that offset the carbon we spit out into the air, but if you read through the sites, they never really provide details as to how they are doing that. They just say, the money goes into replanting forests, and building wind towers. But are they really? Do they have pictures of people out planting trees? And where are these tress being planted? Because when I drive down the streets, I see a lot of trees being chopped down for new housing developments. And why do they need to support building wind towers, the government already offests that cost through tax incentives to companies that build them.

This carbon fund site, has a blog posting offering to sell people post cards, talking about the great work they do, and promoting global warming awareness. I decided to leave a c…

The Seattle S.L.U.T

I occasionally volunteer down at Seattle's Center for Wooden Boats. This last weekend I was down there for the grand opening (if you could call it that) of the newly added 52.1 million dollar, South Lake Union Streetcar, or South Lake Union Trolley, aka SLUT.

For those of you who aren't local or up to date, Seattle has decided to solve some of it's transit problems by building a street car that runs a little over 2 miles, from no place to no place. What ever happened to being able to walk? I walk 1 to 2 miles every day after work with the dog. Yet, people in downtown can't walk a mile or two? Not only that, but this street car, is totally in the way. It has made it a pain in the ass to park down at the boat center. Street cars block traffic, and actually cost more to operate then buses. So why are we building this? Because we live in Seattle, and there is a reason we have the worst traffic in the country, because the people who make these decisions are fucking retards…

10 Reasons to Hate Christmas

Last year around this time I did my 10 Things that Make Me Go Cranky at Christmas Time, I've decided to follow that up with this years 10 Reasons to Hate Christmas

10. Environmentalist throw out their beliefs with the trash - Read my posting on Christmas Garbage.

9. We spend money on pointless crap that usually get's forgotten about, broken , or lost by next Christmas - "In 2006, the average US household is expected to spend about $1,700 on Christmas and holiday spendings" according to a report in the economist. Maybe if people weren't so obsessed with belongings, they could just sit back and enjoy spending time with family, instead of crying about wanting the latest game for their Xbox or PlayStation. Such as the new ACE COMBAT 6: Fires of Liberation game for my Xbox 360 that is out right now.

8. Speaking of air travel - Holidays are the busiest time of the year for air travel, which equals longer wait times, delayed flights, and other travel hassle. Yet we all jus…

The Hand of God in Colorado

Another nut by the name of Matthew Murray went on a shooting spree in Colorado, going after people in a local church. But instead of reading about a huge number of dead, we get to read about a couple of bad asses. The first is Larry Bourbannais. According to the story as told by him, he was wounded in an attempt to confront the guy. He didn't have a weapon but as a former Vietnam vet, he wasn't afraid of a little gun fire. When the shooting started he ran to the room to where the guy was at, and found a cowardly security guard, who was armed but not returning fire. Bourbannais did try to get the guard to hand over his weapon but the guard wouldn't do it. Personally I think Bourbannais should have bitch slapped the guard and taken the weapon, but he didn't need to because Jeanne Assam a former police officer was there, gun drawn, and ready to use it. And God was with her, because she calmly identified herself, then shot the mother fucker.

For those of you who are for mo…

Early Morning Asshole

The break room counter in my office, has to the right a water cooler/heater. It's typical of most break rooms. It has a hot, room temp, and cold. Just to the right of that, is a stack of styrofoam cups. There is also a stack off to the left of the counter near the teas.

So, I'm at the water filling my mug with a little hot water to rinse it out. As I'm standing there, a guy, a good two feet taller then me comes into the room, and reaches over me to grab one of the styrofoam cups. Keep in mind he could have went to the other stack, but it would have involved taking an additional two steps to get to. In the process of grabbing the cup, he elbows me on the side of the head. It wasn't hard, but still he did it, and it was rude. He could have waited two second for me to finish, or like I said, grab a cup from the other stack. But what really pissed me off is, he didn't do what most of us would do, which is immediately apologize. So of course irritated I was like "Ex…

When Nature Interferes with Our Drive

the Seattle PI had an article yesterday, about the recent rain storm we had in Western Washington, and about I-5 being closed down. In the article they mentioned in order to raise the interstate through that area, so it doesn't happen again, the estimate is around 300 to 400 million dollars. And we all know, with the way the government works, if they actually do it, it will end up costing twice as much by the time it's done. Oh, and keep in mind, it's not like that money will go toward preventing any of the homes from getting flooded, only raising the highway, so we can drive past and look at the flooded houses.

Are they seriously thinking about spending nearly half a billion dollars to raise a road that might flood once in a lifetime. And the result of not raising the road is, that people will have to spend twice as long as they normally would driving from Seattle to Portland. Big freaken deal people, so it flooded. It happened, it might happen again, lets accept it, wait …

Border Problem Solved

On the drive into work this morning, I was listing to a talk show and they were having a pretty heated debate on if we should build a wall to block off Mexico and the U.S. I'm sure we've all heard the arguments, so I'm not going to get into that. What I'd actually like to do is propose an alternative to the wall.

Instead of building a wall or even a fence we build towers. On the top of each of these towers we have snipers, and their job is to shoot anyone who tries to cross the border. We'll put up some signs, in both Spanish and English, letting them know attempted crossings will end it death. But, we will also allow anyone who makes it through to become an instant U.S. citizen.

There are a lot of advantages to this idea. First, it will greatly reduce the number of people trying to cross the border. Once the word is out, my guess is fewer people will try. Second, We will reduce the cost of border management. We won't have to spend the money on the cost of build…

Christmas Garbage

This last year has been a big year for the environmentalist. Al Gore won the peace prize, every where you turn there are advertisements for going green, the hybrid engine is what everyone wants, and global warming is one of the big issues facing this planet. Yet, as Christmas is now less then a month away, other priorities take over the need to save the planet. We need to get to the mall and get those gifts bagged and wrapped, we need to hang the lights, and of course strap a tree to the top of that Prius to take home and decorate.

Where are the ads letting people know that all those lights use electricity, and that those trees will die and most of the time don't get recycled? Where are the people buying toys not made in China? And how much off all that crap people buy will get recycled? Here is an interesting statistic, we throw out 25% more trash from Thanksgiving to Christmas according to the Stanford recycling center . Where are the environmentalist now? I guess being an enviro…

Texas Joe the Bad Mother Fucker

There are very few things about the conservative south that I can appreciate, in fact, there is really only one I can think of at the moment; the way they deal with criminals and guns. Recently a 61 year old Texas man named Joe Horn caught a couple of people breaking into his neighbors house. The first thing Joe did was call 911. The second thing Joe did was grab his shot gun. The third thing he did was run out to confront the two guys, and shot the fuckers dead.

How many of us would do something like that? Sure we might do something if someone was breaking into our homes. But to protect a neighbors, that takes a certain level of courage/craziness, and Joe has it. Unfortunately, as you would expect some people are saying Joe should be prosecuted for shooting these guys. That he should have waited for the police and let them take care of it. Shooting these guys is no loss to society, and maybe if more people were like Joe, we'd have less crime on the streets. And as for waiting on …

Jack in the Crotch

This last weekend on the way out of town for a little trip, I was hungry for a quick breakfast, and swung through the Jack in the Box. I ordered a breakfast jack meal. This is usually a breakfast sandwich, orange juice, and those little potato sticks. After leaving the drive through, I start eating my sandwich, then got to the potato sticks only to find out that instead of the usual 4 potato sticks, they gave me 2 chicken fingers. We had two options as to what could have happened; one is the retard working thought they were potatoes and mistakenly put them in my bag, or they ran out of potato sticks and were sneaking in chicken tenders thinking people wouldn't notice. The second option is what I think happened. Not because I don't think fast food employees are total fucking retards and could mistakenly put in the wrong thing, but because Jack in the Box normally puts in 4 of the potato sticks and not 2. at least they could have been honest about it and offered me some dipping…

2 Months

I've hit the two month mark here at Microsoft, and I'm ready for another three month vacation. Sometimes it's the little things. For example; the 3rd floor mens room doesn't get hot water unless you run it for about 5 minutes, and one of the sinks hasn't had the soap refilled the entire time I've been here. But more importantly, the 3rd floor vending machine, hasn't accepted change the entire time either. It normally accepts bills but not today. Today, I'm guessing it's full of bills and can't accept anymore because no one can use change.

We can afford to spend tons of money on useless crap, but can't afford to spend money on something that will feed me and keep my hands clean. Only ten more months to go!!

That's General Terrorist to You Scumbag

Here is a funny little blurb I pulled off of Fox News. Yes, I know, what the hell am I doing reading the conservatives favorite source of spreading propaganda? Just because, that's why. Now read…

Frequent Flier
You would think a retired general who fought in two wars — has four medals for valor plus the army's top medal for service — and has a top-secret security clearance — would not have much trouble getting on a commercial airliner.

But a Denver TV station reports Major General Vernon Lewis Jr. has been delayed more than 40 times because he shares a name with a suspected terrorist on the TSA's no-fly list. General Lewis has tried to resolve the matter by going through his congressional representatives and taking part in the TSA's Traveler Redress Program. He was even sent a letter last year saying he had been cleared off the list. But the next time he flew — he was stopped again.
Says the general — "My credentials are impeccable. It burns me up to be treated like …

Go Auto, Go

Take a look at this bus and the traffic around it. As you can see it’s pretty congested, actually at this point in the picture it’s stopped, but prior to the picture it was congested. Also, look at the car behind the bus.

Prior to this image, the bus was in the left lane of traffic, and the driver decided to change into the right lane. In congested traffic like this, I can see the need to be a little aggressive, but what this bus driver actually did was just cut straight over to the right lane, while the gray car was in it. Basically the person in the gray car, had to hit his or her brakes, and swerve over to the right so as not be hit by the bus.

I can imagine the driver of the bus saying, ‘This is the way we do it in L.A. kids.”

Dangerous Donuts

The week before last a cop in Philadelphia was shot. Yes, yes, sad that a cop was shot but the reason I’m writing about it… the cop was shot in a Dunkin' Donuts. When people stereotype, it’s situations like this that create those stereotypes.

Click here for Full Story

Yippee Skippy No Prop 1

Western Washington voters, apparently read this blog and were smart about voting because it looks like Prop 1 is out. Prop 1, was proposed as the largest tax increase in the state to pay for a few miles of a light rail system, and some road improvements. A light rail system that we haven't even shown will improve traffic, and road improvements that we can guarantee won't improve traffic.

Check out the story on the Seattle PI, my favorite quote: "County Councilwoman Julia Patterson said it wasn't clear to her why voters said no" Seriously? You can't figure it out ? How about it was a butt load of money and we got nothing useful for it. Hey Julia, guess who I'm not voting for next time she's up for election. Yeah, bitches who are totally out of touch with the voters, that's who.

Lets hope that legislators spend all their time trying to come up with a new way to propose this, and fighting amongst themselves as to why it failed, instead of actually pu…

at&t Wins, Employees Still Loose

I recently posted about how at&t is getting cheaper and many other postings on the way it treats its employees. According to a recent article I found on newsvine, at&t has seen nearly a doubling in revenue since last year. They discuss the Bell south “merger” as a source, and the article also points out the increase in subscriber base due to the super popular iPhone.

What I think is interesting here is; that the company is making record profits now, yet still feels the need to be cheap when it comes to its employees. Employees at that company have some of the worst medical benefits around, they get some of the lowest salaries, and as mentioned in previous postings, they don’t even get cups in the break room.

Previously at&t management uses low revenue as the reason for many of these cuts. I wonder what excuses they are using now to keep being so employee unfriendly.

Butt Sex at The Davenport

I think the reasons republicans are so against the gays and any legislation in favor of gay rights is, they hate themselves and take that out of people who are capable of admitting to their homosexuality.

A Republican Washington state legislator Richard Curtis has decided to resign in another Republican gay sex scandal. For those of you who haven't heard, Curtis a man who is supposedly not gay, voted against every gay rights bill that came through his office; met some guy at a sex store in Spokane, took him back to his room at the fancy Davenport hotel, and shagged him. Unfortunately for him, the guy he met wanted a little money out of the deal, which Curtis didn't pay. If he was smart, he should have paid, considering the guy only wanted a thousand bucks for his participation in the butt sex. Let's look at some of the facts of the case, Curtis was the one who called the cops, and he actually admitted to meeting the guy in the sex store, and taking him back to his room. It …

DumbAss Democrat’s

The Seattle PI posted a survey done by the University of Washington on how some of our local Seattle initiatives are doing. The first one on the list is Prop 1. The transit package that will drastically increase our taxes, while providing nothing useful in return. According to the poll, 43% of those surveyed are leaning toward a Yes vote, with 46% leaning towards no. Yes, I’m glad the no votes are ahead but it’s by way to narrow of a margin. The sad part that unfortunately doesn’t surprise me is; “The transit package runs well among Democratic voters, and holds a narrow 47-43 lead in King County. But Republicans oppose it by a two-to-one margin, and Pierce and Snohomish County voters are going against the measure by a 49-37 margin”. It’s not often that I agree with Republicans, but when I do it’s usually on issues of finance. So all you Dumbacrat’s who are thinking about voting for this, smarten up, stop doing what the TV commercial tells you, and vote no. It’s a bad tax increase, and…

The God Gene

I’ve never been much of a religious person, primarily due to the fact that people abuse the system, steal money, molest children, and of course use it as an excuse to create wars and kill people. Wars and killing has been a staple of almost all religions since the beginning of time.

We’ve all heard of the Catholic Inquisition during the middle ages, or the Crusades, all sanctioned by the Pope. Prior to that, we had Romans killing Christians and Jews. Here in America we’ve had the KKK using religion as the just cause behind their kind of fanaticism. We’ve had religious sects committing mass suicide via various religions cults. And of course there is the Middle East, where they have almost always had one religion against the other, including the current fanatical Muslims using holy wars as an excuse to attack Americans, and just about everyone else not of their belief. I recently read a book called The God Gene, about research showing we are genetically predisposed to believe in a God. A…


I’ve been using Windows Vista for about three weeks now and so far, I’d have to say... It sucks!

My company provided a high speed fancy IBM laptop, which is supposed to keep up. It has tons of ram and a super fast processer. Well it doesn’t keep up. I don’t blame the laptop, I blame Vista. I'd bet if it had XP on it, it would probably run like a dream.

So for those of you thinking about upgrading, here are some of the things I hate about it:

It’s SLOOOOW: When powering on my laptop in the morning I usually start it up, go to the break room, get some coffee or tea, walk back to my office, and it’s only about half way through the startup process. This is easily my number one complaint. I've even removed a bunch of the startup crap in an attempt to reduce the startup time. It helped… a little… I think.

It freezes up a lot: Whenever it’s in the process of trying to figure something out, the screen fades, and the spinning circle (formerly hour glass) hits the screen and I can’t do anyt…

Road and Transit Proposition 1

This year on the ballot in the Puget Sound we have Proposition 1, a traffic package that will raise taxes by the "largest local tax increase in state history", according to King County Executive Ron Sims. Here in the Seattle area we have some of the worst traffic in the country. In fact, when they compare all major cities we average 2nd place. Which is why people feel so strongly about reducing the amount of congestion. But if history has shown us anything, it's shown us that no matter how often we approve traffic taxes, the traffic never gets better.

The major point in prop 1 is that it will allow them to expand the light rail system they are building. If anyone remembers; we had a monorail system they were building, that was voted on and approved, spent millions of dollars on, and never got built. Now they are trying to do it again with this proposal under a different system.

They are also saying the money will go towards roads, and bridges. Yeah, right! Our local govern…

Odd, Very Odd

You’ll have to cut me some slack on the quality. This was taken at about 6:45 in the morning, with my point and shoot digital camera, on auto. So the quality isn’t that great. But it was such an odd thing to see, that I had to take a photo of it.

If you will notice, the cop is driving in stop and go traffic, in the slow lane with the rest of us. The carpool lane was open and he didn’t actually drive in it. How often does this happen? I’ve never seen it before…

Paint, Plumbing, and Carpet

Here’s something odd; Microsoft, a company that can afford to pay 10 people to do the job of 1, and can afford to paint and re-carpet the offices in my building for no reason, can’t afford a plumber. One of the urinals in the 3rd floor men’s room has been broken for a week. The water to the 3rd floor apparently comes from a low level water heater, because it’s pretty much always cold. One of the sinks on the second floor men’s room doesn’t shut off. And pretty regularly, the kitchen sinks are out of order. Obviously the building has plumbing issues. So being a logical person, I would think instead of painting all the offices the same color, and replacing the carpet that doesn’t need to be replaced, they could spend that money on having the plumbing redone properly. But hey, what the hell do I know, I only work here. I’m sure the person responsible for facilities, has never even been to this building.

A Briefcase in One Hand, A Schlong in the Other

I walked into the bathroom at the same time as a guy carrying a briefcase. I’m running from one meeting to another so I have my laptop in my hand. I do what most people around here do, I set mine on a bench they have in the men’s room. He walks to the urinal with the briefcase in one hand, and takes care of business with the other. This is pretty impressive - he manages to unzip, hold, shake, and zip back up with one hand.
What he didn’t do: After he was done, he didn’t bother to flush the toilet, and he didn’t bother to wash his one used hand. Instead he grabs a paper towel and walks out. I’m assuming it was to open the door with; apparently he’s paranoid of all the other no flusher no hand washers that use the men’s room.

Breeders Hate the Environment

In honor of blog action day

Last week the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Al Gore for his work on promoting global warming awareness. Personally, I don’t see how making a documentary and doing a bunch of speeches deserves a peace prize, but hey, it’s better than awarding it to someone for starting a war in the Middle East. But what good is Gore really doing with his global warming awareness campaign?

People are jumping on the hybrid car fad. Reducing the amount of carbon being pumped in the air, doesn’t eliminate it. Plus with the ever growing population, more and more drivers are on the roads. Even if we all drove hybrids would it really make that much of a difference?
Most everyone I know does a decent job of recycling paper, aluminum, and plastics. But we still have plenty of other waste that ends up in the landfills. The trash collector comes every week, as compared to the recycling that comes every other week. Why is this; because we throw away more trash than we recycle. With the…

Jog Lady Jog

Here’s one for the stupid bitch file. I usually leave my house for work pretty early in the morning. Early enough to where it’s still dark outside. The route to the highway involves traveling down a road with a decent sized shoulder on each side but no sidewalks, except for the new developments that have installed them along the roadway. I’ve started to notice a woman jogging down the side of the road. Nothing unusual except for the fact that she is jogging with the flow of traffic instead of against it. For those of you who know the law, it’s that you actually have to walk or jog against the flow, so that you can watch for oncoming cars. I know from experience that this kind of sucks when it’s dark because you get lights in the eyes. But the reason for this being a law is, you can see the oncoming cars, and hopefully jump out of the way was some drive-tard comes along talking on their cell phone, doing their makeup, or sleeping, and drives into you. When jogging with the flow, you do…

The Worst Season

A lot of people tend to babble on about how nice fall is. They make statements about the pretty trees changing color, or the fact that Christmas is coming up. Personally, I hate fall. Out of the four seasons it is by far the worst. Fall represents the end of summer and the beginning of cold. And as mentioned, Christmas is coming, the worst holiday of them all.

I went to a craft store today to pick up some picture mounting materials, and they already had a display dedicate to Christmas. It had a countdown clock, telling us the number of days till Christmas. They had lights, lawn crap, and worst of all they had Christmas music playing from a little display item.

So what does October and fall represent? Three months of Christmas music, people talking about Christmas, and Christmas crap at every store I go to.

Crafty Janitors

If you will notice in this picture, we have a box. On the left of the box is mixed paper and the right is white paper only. Also notice, inside the box are two plastic garbage cans. If you didn’t know any better, you might assume that you are supposed to throw the paper into the garbage cans inside the box. But what you can’t see here, on each garbage can is a label. On one, it says cans, and the other says garbage. So what we have here are four containers with two being stuck inside the others. This is normally how this setup looks. So as you can imagine, since people are lazy we don’t bother to take the two containers out of the box. We just throw cans into one, and everything else into the other.

What is happening here is; as the janitorial service comes through the Microsoft office, they dump the items then stick the two containers into the box. After giving it some thought I figured out why the janitors are doing this. If the janitor comes into the room and has to empty four cont…

Always the Same

There are quite a few things about working in an office that never change, and using the men’s room high on that list. Today, I went to the men’s room and walk over to the open urinal. There is a guy, just finishing up in the one next to mine. He zips up and walks to the sink, doesn’t bother to flush. While over at the sink, he does that thing that some people do, he blew snot into the sink. It’s such an amazingly nasty sound to have someone blowing their nose directly into the sink, that I wish I had a tape recorder with me. After blowing his snotty nose, he proceeds to dump water into his hands and splash it all over the place in an attempt to wet and comb his hair, before leaving.

Names that Piss You Off

Here’s an interesting conversation I was having that is so true it sucks. A friend of mine commented on how when watching the Office TV show, he doesn’t like or find attractive the character of Jan. During our talk, he pointed out it was due to some old rag he had to work with at one point that ruined the name for him. And it’s totally true how one name can run everyone with that name. I used to have a snatch of a manager named Chrissy, and even though it’s not a common name, if meeting someone with that name, I’d probably hate her… unless she was totally hot, then I might make an exception.

Cheap Gets Cheaper

Any corporate office I have ever been in has a break room with a pretty standard stock of items. They will usually provide a soda machine, coffee, tea, filtered water, and of course paper plates, plastic utensils, and Styrofoam cups. At Starbucks corporate office they have an espresso machine; and here at Microsoft all the soda and juice you can drink is free. AT&T (aka Cingular) in their never ending need to screw employees by cutting cost has recently one upped themselves. A few of my friends, who for some odd reason are still employed there, have just had the few items they were provided with in the break room cut. AT&T stopped resupplying the cups, the plates, and the plastic utensils. Not only that, the removed the filtered water. We are assuming so they don’t have to pay for new filters. And, they increased the cost of soda in the machine to .75 cents. That’s right, not only are they cutting cost on the employees, they are trying to make a little money off them. I did fi…


I’ve decided to add a new word to my vocabulary; Republicrite. It really has to do with what a bunch of hypocrites the republican party is. The republicans often spout off that they are the party of fiscal conservatism, i.e. the party that tries not to spend tons of money on crap. Yet, under the last few years of a republican controlled congress and presidency, we’ve seen the national deficit go to its highest levels ever, and the largest increase in spending primarily due to the 200 million we are spending EACH DAY on the Iraq war.

It’s budget time in Washington and the democrats are looking to pass a bill expanding and existing State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which will cost about 60 billion dollars over 5 years. George Bush has stated he will veto this bill in an attempt to save some money. Yet, in practically the same sentence, Bush is requesting another 50 billion to hold the war over for the next few months, and another 190 billion for next year. When all is sai…


Oh how I love being back at work. The day usually starts off with the alarm waking me from whatever dream I was enjoying. After laying and fighting the urge to go back to sleep, I have to get my lazy butt out of bed. On the drive to work, (not counting the side streets) I spend about 30 to 40 minutes on the interstate, to only go about 15 miles. For those of you not quick at math, that’s average about 25 miles per hour on a road that should be 60 miles per hour. I then get to work and search for parking. After finding a spot, I go to the elevator to enjoy some jackass getting on before me, and not catching the door as I try to get on.

To finish it off, I get to drive an hour home.

The Return of Cranky

I’ve received a few comments from people that the crankiness of my postings has been a little week lately. Well yeah people; I’ve been on vacation for the last three months. My time has been spent sitting by the pool, traveling all over the place, hiking and camping, and of course drinking. So, yes not a lot of things to bitch about for the monkey. But don’t worry; just for you my faithful readers, I’m going back to work next week. So you can look forward to the return of Microsoft trash talking and bitching about whatever is in the news. You can look forward to crankiness because I’ll be getting up early, dealing with traffic, and the general irritation that goes along with wintering in Seattle… Enjoy

The Sad State of Protesting

It’s kind of a long video and not all that interesting, but there is something funny about these anti-war protesters, from Saturday. As you can imagine, most people are behind the fencing, holding signs and chanting. But, on occasion it will cut to people being pulled off by the police. It’s more or less people who cross the barrier, no big deal. They go accross, then lay down to be arrested. What makes this funny is, all the protesters in the background start cheering as each person is pulled off. It’s like, "yeah, good for you, you stood up and got arrested for your beliefs! Oh me? Oh no, I’m not going to do it. I’m just going to stand back here and cheer. I don’t want to get arrested, I have to be in the office Monday morning.” Hippies from the 60’s put us to shame.

Overly Sensitive Bloggers

I received an anonymous comment about the lack of crankiness in my paid advertisement of a posting yesterday. So here is some cranky commentary for you anonymous.

Have you ever tried to leave a comment on someone’s blog only to get the notice “pending blog owner approval” or something similar? I know I have, and it pisses me off. These insecure little bitches, can’t accept the fact that someone might say something they don’t like, so they have to check it first before letting people read it. And of course, if the comment doesn’t go along with them, they just deny it. I’ve found this often on political blogs, as can be expected. I found it on some chronic depressive loser’s blog, who probably didn’t want people to see all the comments telling him that, yes he should just end it all. And of course, I’ve found it on photography blogs, who probably didn’t want people to comment on the crappiness of their pictures.

So all you little babies out there who can’t handle some criticism, or someon…

Any Straight Republicans?

Every once in a while I’ll get in a political debate with one of my conservative/republican friends, and they tend to act like something is wrong with me for being a liberal/democrat. And thanks to the news over the past year, I’ve come to the conclusion of what it is that’s wrong with me; I don’t like to have sex with boys in public bathrooms. Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a tryst in the local men’s room stall as much as the next person. It’s just that I prefer the person I’m doing it with, to be a girl and someone I actually know.

U.S. Senator Larry Craig was arrested last June in a men's room at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for… yep you guessed it, soliciting himself some gay sex. He can now be added to the ranks of Florida Republican congressman Robert Allen, and many others who have ended up in the news the past year.

Once again the party that wants to constitutionally ban gay marriage, arrest men who enjoy UFC fighting a little more than they should; tur…

Volunteers Needed

Having this summer off from work, I thought it would be a nice idea to do some volunteer work... Because I’m such a nice guy. The first place on my list was the National Forest Service. This last winter we had some crazy weather, and I knew that quite a few of the hiking trails in the Cascades had been closed because of it. Personally, I hike pretty regularly and the idea of working outside for the summer, sounded more appealing than my regular job of sitting at a desk. I went to the website and printed up the volunteer form. After printing the 4 pages, I filled out the questionnaire. I’ve filled out less paperwork for actual jobs. After working out the cramp in my hand from all the writing, I mailed the form off. That was in May, it’s now September and I’ve never heard back. What the hell forest people? Next time my dog shits on one of your trails, I’m not cleaning it up.

I did end up volunteering at the Center for Wooden Boats. I figured I’d get to hang out around boats, pick up some…

A Tough Dilemma

So this friend of mine was telling me about this tough issue their family is dealing with. They recently found out that a person can only own so many vacation homes in the U.S. without being penalized by the government. That’s right, they are so rich that the government is getting on them about owning to many homes. I’m guessing the 6,000 square foot vacation cabin, for two people, they just built in Idaho must have pushed them over the limit. In order to solve this dilemma they did what most people do, they created a LLC and put a bunch of the homes in a business name. But it turns out this has created another issue for them. Since a couple of the homes are in a business name, they have to pay additional insurance on the house my friend lives in. I’m not sure why, but now they are going to have to pay an extra two hundred a month in order to keep vacation homes all over the country.

Stories like this sure make me feel better about my 1,200 square foot condo in ghetto Everett. Problems…

Screw FedEx Up Its Corporate Butt

I’ve started to notice a pattern when it comes to having items shipped to my house, and that pattern is that FedEx is a fucked up company, that can’t do shit right! Some of you might recall my posting on June 13th about a fun experience with them. Now I’ve got another one. I recently order some archival quality DVD’s made by a company called MAM-A, through Amazon. Amazon uses FedEx for delivery. The order was placed on August 10th. On the 22nd it dawned on me that they hadn’t arrived yet. I logged on to Amazon’s site then to FedEx’s site to check the status. On the 16th of August they tried to deliver but apparently didn’t have the correct apartment number for my condo. So instead of trying to contact me, they took it back to the FedEx facility and it has been sitting there ever since.

First of all, when I placed the order through Amazon I gave them the correct address. And when reviewing it on the site, they have the correct address. I’ve ordered from them before at this same address …

Thanks Comcast

I finally managed to get rid of my crappy roommate last November, and in the process, decided to cut cost and save a few bucks by canceling the cable. I realized that I spent way too much time vegging and flipping through the channels, when I could be spending my time more creatively. I was too attached and needed to break away. Besides, I still had a DVD player and a Netflix subscription.

In calling to cancel the service I pretended I was moving in with someone and didn’t need it anymore, so as to avoid listening to the keep me as a customer sales pitch. You know the kind; let’s make a deal, what it would take to continue service, etc. After hanging up the phone I felt great. I had set the cancellation date for that following week and was ecstatic. Soon, I would be spending my evenings practicing the guitar, or working on that great American novel I’ve always talked about, or actually using my brain in the ways they did back in the days prior to TV.

As the week timed down and the cance…

Microsoft Bubble

I’ve decided to coin a new term, “Microsoft Bubble”. First I want to clarify what I mean by this, it’s not the bubble in the sense of “housing bubble” or “economic bubble”. The bubble I am referring to is that imaginary bubble we all have around us. The bubble that says this is my space. Most of us can respect the bubble, yet can still see that there is a world outside of the bubble. Microsoft employees on the other hand, have a hard time with the world outside of the bubble. Obviously this doesn’t mean all MS employees; I would say the “Microsoft Bubble” applies to about 80% of the employees.

It’s getting to the end of summer and I’m considering doing another contract at Microsoft, and have been thinking about what a joy it is to work there. How a Microsoft employee can be having a conversation, heating lunch in the break room, standing or walking yet not acknowledge that people are in their vicinity.

One morning I was heading to the elevator. There were four people getting on…

The I-Bill

A friend sent me this one. No wonder they can’t pay their employees a decent wage, they have to cover the expense of shipping bills.

Dude, Eat it Quick!

Finally a cop does something useful. Actually he’s an ex cop, and it’s not so much providing a service as it is, making a few extra bucks. Barry Cooper a former narcotics officer put together, a “Never Get Busted Again” video.

According to a quote on MSN, “The nation’s fight against drugs is a waste of resources. Busting marijuana users fills up prisons with nonviolent offender” He’s saying what I and many others have been saying for years, let’s stop wasting money on this bull shit war on drugs, legalize some of it, and spend the money and resources where they are really needed, like invading middle east countries.

Take this Corn Dog and Shove it

The food industry pisses me off sometimes. For example; if I buy a corndog and want to make some french fries with it, I more or less have to cook them separately. The corn dog has to be cooked at 375, while the french fries are cooked at 450. WTF people, can’t you geniuses come up with a way so that we consumers can prepare these items at the same time? It’s not like everyone in the country has two separate ovens for cooking! My options are cook separately, or set the oven at 400 and try compromise cooking, which usually results on the food not coming out right. So get with it Oscar Mayer and Ore-ida, set up a conference call and work this shit out. Oh, and the people who came up with 10 buns in the bag and 8 hot dogs, you do the same….

Police Academy Dropouts #20

I haven’t posted in a while about my hate/hate relationship with the police department. Here is an article I found in the Seattle PI (How far is too far for vice cops patrolling Seattle strip clubs?). Basically, a bunch of cops are getting harped on about being overly aggressive when trying to bust strippers. What pisses me off here is; our tax dollars are going to the cops salary, our tax dollars are providing them with the money for lap dances, and our tax dollars are going to prosecuting these people!

Give me a break, they can’t actually catch thieves and rapist, they can’t catch real criminals, so instead they go after easy targets. Plus, they get a lap dance out of the deal. You know what? If a stripper wants to make a little extra cash on the side, let her! Honestly, it’s her choice, she’s not being forced, and if people want to pay for it, let them. Big freaken deal!

I have an idea “Law Man” why don’t you get off the stripper couch, and do something useful! You know, like catch…

Cowboys are Beer Pussies!

I've taken a couple trips over to eastern Washington lately, I've been to Texas in the past, and I've visited various small towns and red states throughout my life. One thing I've noticed when going into a bar and asking what's on tap, the response is usually, "Coors Light, Bud, Bud Light, Miller," etc. If I'm lucky they might have Alaskan Amber, or some other brew on a single tap. One of the things about living in the Seattle is the beer selection. When I go to a bar here, it's usually microbrews or other beers with flavor. This has resulted in a certain taste for beer, and that certain taste means when I go rural, and my choices are domestic crap beer, I usually end up drinking hard alcohol. Now, I don't mind drinking hard alcohol but it does make me wonder what the hell is wrong with these people. Why do Texan's for example; who think their state does everything better and bigger than everyone else, drink stuff that taste like chilled …

My Day

I’d like to dedicate today’s posting to my friends and former co-workers who are sitting at their desks or cubicles, typing e-mails and creating PowerPoint presentations, and of course attending conference calls. I just got back from enjoying the sun, and enjoying no children in the pool.

Next stop - off to barbeque and drink beer

The Doers and the Do-notters

There are some goods and bads that go along with living in a condo complex. The goods; I don’t have to maintain the lawn, external repairs are covered in the dues, and some utilities are covered. The bads; having neighbors right next to you, sharing the pool and hot tub, and having to pay dues.
Last year I volunteered to serve on the board and help out. I didn’t think it would really involve much work at the time. Since then, I have become the only male on the board. What this means is, I keep getting stuck doing the odd jobs. A door in the clubhouse breaks, I fix it. Light posts need replaced, I replace them. Sure we could hire someone to do the work, but that would take from the budget and potentially result in us needing to raise the dues.
I don’t have a problem volunteering except for the fact that, I pay the same in homeowners as the next person. In this case the next person, isn’t doing crap. They drive by me when I’m digging the light posts, but they don’t offer to help. They c…

Redneck Breading

This last weekend I went to visit some family who live in Elk Washington. For those of you who don’t know, and I can imagine is most every reader, Elk is about 30 miles north of Spokane Washington. It’s not so much a town as it is a post office, VFW, and a bunch of farms.
The first night there, we went out to the local bar for a beer and a game of horseshoes. The beer choices consisted of; Natural Light, Coors Light, Miller Light, etc. For a Seattleite it’s hard to adjust from beers with flavor, to beers that taste like someone drank a lot then peed into a can, before chilling it in the fridge. Three local guys joined us at the bar, local friends of my brother and sister. All three guys looked exactly the same. Have you ever seen Larry the Cable Guy? If you have, you know what these guys looked like. They were all overweight. They had either shortly shaved beards or goatees. They had almost shaved heads, and a couple had baseball caps. They wore jeans and t-shirts. As the night went o…

First Time It’s Love, The Second Time It’s 20 Bucks

One of the great things about this country is free speech, and the fact that I, a blogger, can take time to comment on the hypocrisy of our elected government. One of the great things about being a liberal is the conservatives and republicans make it extremely easy, to point them out as hypocrites and ass fuckers. And by ass fuckers, I don’t mean it in the way, I say ass face, or ass hole, or even ass wipe. I mean it in the way that Florida Republican state congressman Robert Allen means it.

Allen was arrested for offering to perform oral sex on an undercover male officer for 20 bucks. Not receive, perform. Once again, a republican is arrested for offering or doing something homosexual. A republican, whose party wants to constitutionally ban same sex marriages, the party who spends more time and effort creating laws around pornographers than they do real criminals, and the man, who according to fox news sponsored a bill “that would have tightened the state's prohibition on public s…

“i’m” Not Surprised

For those of you with MSN messenger, you might have noticed the “i’m” tab in your messengers tab list. It’s some charity thing Microsoft is doing, “Every time you start a conversation using i’m, Microsoft shares a portion of the program's advertising revenue with some of the world's most effective organizations dedicated to social causes.” It’s not clear how the whole thing brakes down, but it’s easy to set up and doesn’t cost anything. And you have nine charities to select from.

On the Microsoft campus near the cafeteria they had some guy handing out flyers and barbequing in order to get employees signed up. They also have posters all over the halls in the offices.

I’ve been using instant messenger for years at different companies. As you can imagine I’ve got quite a few friends, former co-workers, and Microsoft co-workers on instant messenger. And if you haven’t guessed already by the tone in this post, not a single Microsoft person has set this up. Keep in mind it takes less …

Mustang Shelton

Sometimes when it comes to photography, I have a tendency to agree to a shoot before getting all the details, and it usually bites me in the ass. For example; a studio I occasionally work for, asked me if I wanted to assist, “photographing 400 Ford Mustangs in one shot... That's right.. Ron, the photographers uses a camera that was built in 1900 to capture it all in one photograph. It is truly amazing to see." Since I wasn’t working today, and it sounded fun, plus I could snap a few shots of my own, I agreed to do it. After agreeing to do the shoot, I found out it was at a drag strip near Sanderson Air Field in Shelton Washington. As you can see by the Google directions, it’s a two hour drive from my house.

I woke up nice and early allowing extra time for the Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia traffic that I would need to go through. I followed the directions as provided by Google maps, only to end up down a dirt road surrounded by trees. That’s right, the directions as seen here pr…

Just Drown Already

This morning I wake up with a pretty good day planned. I force myself out of bed by 9:00am, go run a few errands, and take care of some business. After that I come home, grab the dog and head to the beach. After a while at the beach letting the dog play in the water, I come home with a plan of spending the rest of the afternoon on this hot day, sitting by the pool. I drop the dog off, grab a towel, a magazine, and a drink. I walk towards the pool of my 40 unit condo complex, and see a bunch of kids in it. It’s still early in the afternoon, so instead I decide to wait. An hour goes by and I go back, there are still kids in the pool. This time I give up. I grab a chair, drop my stuff off, and dive in. The water feels great. I talk to one of the neighbor kids, and then sit down to read. The neighbor kid leaves, and I’m hoping the lady with the other two kids will leave so I can sit in quiet and relax. They don’t leave, and it’s obvious they aren’t planning on leaving anytime soon. The mo…

It's News to Them

I recently read this news article (Airline passengers dissatisfied with service) about how, “Bankruptcy can be a wake-up call for airlines” and that some of the cause might have something to do with the quality of service they provide. United and Delta rated the worst. They obviously didn’t call me for feedback, as I would have said, “yes United sucks, but American Airlines sucks even worse.” I can’t speak on Delta, I haven’t flown them in a long while. The thing that gets me cranky about this is that it’s nothing new! Come on, anyone who has flown in anything other than first class, over the past 10 years knows, the service sucks. And “this year” Delta is focusing on improving baggage handling. They are not, focusing on providing decent in flight movies and baggage handling. Not, they are focusing on improving flight attendants service skills and baggage handling. Not, they are focusing on providing enough people at the front counters to get customers through faster and baggage handl…

In English This Time

Yesterday we celebrated our Independence Day here in America. I was hanging out with some friends on the night prior to the 4th, and at one point we were discussing vacations, and places we’ve been. I was asked about Thailand and the language barrier. For the most part, I was able to communicate fine. We talked about other countries, and overall found that most people spoke enough English for us to get by.

On my way to a 4th of July party last night, I passed a Dairy Queen. I decided to pull in and order a Butterfinger Blizzard. I went to the counter, placed my order and the lady said something back. I couldn’t tell what she said, due to her thick accent. “What?” I asked. She repeated her statement, “medum Buuer Figer Bizzaed.” Oh, I thought, she was repeating my order back to me.

Why is it, that I can go to another country, go into a restaurant and communicate better with the waitress, than I can in my own country? Look, if I were to move to another country, the first thing I would do,…

The Dog Club

Having the summer off, I thought it might be a good idea to find things to do with the dog. I found a large dog club online. Having a decent sized dog, I thought it would be good to hang out with other big dog people, provide my dog the opportunity to work off some energy. The only other times my dog gets to work off serous energy, is when my friend Brad plays find the peanut butter (inside joke to the outside world). The first meeting, we met at a bar with outside seating, so people could bring pets. This would give everyone the chance to meet, then we could decide on doggy play days, hikes, or whatever from there. I left my dog at home, and so did everyone else, except for one person.

The guy who brought the dog, put no effort into controlling his dog. It crawled all over the place, it was shedding everywhere. Out of the entire evening, not once did he tell it to “lay down,” “sit,” or “get off that person.”

There was the girl who set the group up. She lives in a small apartment in …

I Hate Paris

… And I’m not talking about the city. Since I’ve been on vacation, I haven’t been checking the news as often. I would have thought this could assist with avoiding some of the celebrity news. So, even though I’m not aware of what’s going on in my own city, I still have managed to stay in touch with what’s going on, in Paris Hilton’s life. Why is this? Because it’s everywhere! Adam Carolla in the morning! The Daily Show! Channels that I surf past on my way to something else! News briefs! People! Magazines! And the list goes on. Damn it people, Michael Moor was bumped from Larry King in exchange for Paris Hilton. Yes Michael is totally irritating, but in a totally different way, in a way I can actually stand.
What has this woman done? She was born rich, born stupid, stared in a shitty reality show, and an even shittier nudie video. Yet for some reason, the public can’t get enough of her. And yes I’m say “you” the public! I’m not blaming the news or the paparazzi, it’s the people who go o…

Police Academy Dropouts #19

I haven’t posted on the running joke, our police force in a while. Here is an article I found on MSN about one of the cream of the crop. Kenneth Freeman a former reserve sheriff’s deputy from my home state of Washington, apparently raped his own daughter. Then, not only did he enforce his own personal law on her, he videotaped it so other fuckwads like him could download it.

Looks just like any other cop on the road, doesn’t he?

Well Worth The Cost of Admission

For those of you who appreciate my men’s room postings, here’s a nice picture for you. This was taken at the Museum of Natural History in New York. Lucky me - I had my camera in hand to capture this modern art exhibit on display. Luckily I only had to pee; there was another guy in the restroom that apparently had to go number 2. He walked down the row of open stalls looking for one that he could use. So, I can only imagine the others were just as bad or worse. If you’ll notice around the rim, it looks like the culprit was nice enough to try to wipe some of it up.

Remembering The Men’s Room

I was going through my e-mail this morning and I found this old posting I intended to do but never did. When I was at Microsoft, sometimes instead of posting while at work, I would e-mail it to myself to post later that evening. I must have forgotten about this one.

Today (11/29/06) I walked in the men’s room, and there are two guys using urinals, one of them is talking on his cell phone with one hand, and taking care of business with the other. I go to do my thing as the other guy flushes, washes his hands and leaves. As I’m finishing up, the cell phone guy gets done and leaves, with no hand washing. Which makes sense I guess, he probably didn’t want to get his phone wet. In this time though, another guy comes in wearing a suite and carrying a Coke can. He goes to the bathroom and flushes by the time I’m done washing. I was so distracted that it took me a little extra time. He then follows me right out the door, also not washing his hands and drinking his coke.

I always use the towel…

Parental Guide



Let me tell you a little story about FedEx customer service and a delivery I received a few months back.
Tuesday, the first delivery day, the driver attempted to deliver it at 11:30am. Like most Americans I have (had) a job. I called Tuesday afternoon to see what alternatives they could offer. The person I spoke with said she could put in a “request” to have it delivered in the afternoon the next day. I figured I could leave a little early to catch the delivery.
The next day, at work before leaving, I checked the FedEx website. Of course the driver attempted to deliver it at 11:30 again. So I called, and spoke with another person. I explained my situation and he said I could go pick it up.
“Great”, I said, “Where’s that at?” He told me it was in Bellingham WA . For those of you who don’t know, I live in South Everett and work in Redmond . Which means, driving from home would be an hour, and driving from work, would be two hours. That’s right; this guy wanted me to drive ov…