The Receiving End

This is a great story. The disgrace of a reverend Al Sharpton, who recently was one of the outspoken people about Don Imus’s racial comment, made a comment of his own. It wasn’t a race one, it was more of a religious comment. But people were offended, and by Sharpton’s rule, if someone says something offensive they should be hung out, chastised, and fired. So should Sharpton be fired from ever speaking in public again? I can only wish.

I know, I know, for someone who always speaks about free speech, I shouldn’t be talking about taking away that right from someone. But in this case, I’m willing to make an exception to my philosophy.

Full CNN article


Rooster said…
Too bad hypocrisy itself isn't against the law!
Rooster said…
You know, I thought about this some more and decided that everyone, except the Cranky Monkey and the Rooster need to seriously STFU.

Why? Between the two of us, we cover both ends of the political and religious spectrums - the two hottest issues out there. We'll agree on some points, disagree on most, but the fact is we aren't hypocritical and we can actually make our points without causing each other grief.

Except for that one time you tried to probe me. That was pretty disturbing.
CM said…
True but keep in mind, I’m always right. That means the times we disagree, you are wrong.
Rooster said…
Um, you'd like to think that! But actually I am the one who's always right. Point proven, you were wrong in your last comment.