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DumbAss Democrat’s

The Seattle PI posted a survey done by the University of Washington on how some of our local Seattle initiatives are doing. The first one on the list is Prop 1. The transit package that will drastically increase our taxes, while providing nothing useful in return. According to the poll, 43% of those surveyed are leaning toward a Yes vote, with 46% leaning towards no. Yes, I’m glad the no votes are ahead but it’s by way to narrow of a margin. The sad part that unfortunately doesn’t surprise me is; “The transit package runs well among Democratic voters, and holds a narrow 47-43 lead in King County. But Republicans oppose it by a two-to-one margin, and Pierce and Snohomish County voters are going against the measure by a 49-37 margin”. It’s not often that I agree with Republicans, but when I do it’s usually on issues of finance. So all you Dumbacrat’s who are thinking about voting for this, smarten up, stop doing what the TV commercial tells you, and vote no. It’s a bad tax increase, and…

The God Gene

I’ve never been much of a religious person, primarily due to the fact that people abuse the system, steal money, molest children, and of course use it as an excuse to create wars and kill people. Wars and killing has been a staple of almost all religions since the beginning of time.

We’ve all heard of the Catholic Inquisition during the middle ages, or the Crusades, all sanctioned by the Pope. Prior to that, we had Romans killing Christians and Jews. Here in America we’ve had the KKK using religion as the just cause behind their kind of fanaticism. We’ve had religious sects committing mass suicide via various religions cults. And of course there is the Middle East, where they have almost always had one religion against the other, including the current fanatical Muslims using holy wars as an excuse to attack Americans, and just about everyone else not of their belief. I recently read a book called The God Gene, about research showing we are genetically predisposed to believe in a God. A…


I’ve been using Windows Vista for about three weeks now and so far, I’d have to say... It sucks!

My company provided a high speed fancy IBM laptop, which is supposed to keep up. It has tons of ram and a super fast processer. Well it doesn’t keep up. I don’t blame the laptop, I blame Vista. I'd bet if it had XP on it, it would probably run like a dream.

So for those of you thinking about upgrading, here are some of the things I hate about it:

It’s SLOOOOW: When powering on my laptop in the morning I usually start it up, go to the break room, get some coffee or tea, walk back to my office, and it’s only about half way through the startup process. This is easily my number one complaint. I've even removed a bunch of the startup crap in an attempt to reduce the startup time. It helped… a little… I think.

It freezes up a lot: Whenever it’s in the process of trying to figure something out, the screen fades, and the spinning circle (formerly hour glass) hits the screen and I can’t do anyt…

Road and Transit Proposition 1

This year on the ballot in the Puget Sound we have Proposition 1, a traffic package that will raise taxes by the "largest local tax increase in state history", according to King County Executive Ron Sims. Here in the Seattle area we have some of the worst traffic in the country. In fact, when they compare all major cities we average 2nd place. Which is why people feel so strongly about reducing the amount of congestion. But if history has shown us anything, it's shown us that no matter how often we approve traffic taxes, the traffic never gets better.

The major point in prop 1 is that it will allow them to expand the light rail system they are building. If anyone remembers; we had a monorail system they were building, that was voted on and approved, spent millions of dollars on, and never got built. Now they are trying to do it again with this proposal under a different system.

They are also saying the money will go towards roads, and bridges. Yeah, right! Our local govern…

Odd, Very Odd

You’ll have to cut me some slack on the quality. This was taken at about 6:45 in the morning, with my point and shoot digital camera, on auto. So the quality isn’t that great. But it was such an odd thing to see, that I had to take a photo of it.

If you will notice, the cop is driving in stop and go traffic, in the slow lane with the rest of us. The carpool lane was open and he didn’t actually drive in it. How often does this happen? I’ve never seen it before…

Paint, Plumbing, and Carpet

Here’s something odd; Microsoft, a company that can afford to pay 10 people to do the job of 1, and can afford to paint and re-carpet the offices in my building for no reason, can’t afford a plumber. One of the urinals in the 3rd floor men’s room has been broken for a week. The water to the 3rd floor apparently comes from a low level water heater, because it’s pretty much always cold. One of the sinks on the second floor men’s room doesn’t shut off. And pretty regularly, the kitchen sinks are out of order. Obviously the building has plumbing issues. So being a logical person, I would think instead of painting all the offices the same color, and replacing the carpet that doesn’t need to be replaced, they could spend that money on having the plumbing redone properly. But hey, what the hell do I know, I only work here. I’m sure the person responsible for facilities, has never even been to this building.

A Briefcase in One Hand, A Schlong in the Other

I walked into the bathroom at the same time as a guy carrying a briefcase. I’m running from one meeting to another so I have my laptop in my hand. I do what most people around here do, I set mine on a bench they have in the men’s room. He walks to the urinal with the briefcase in one hand, and takes care of business with the other. This is pretty impressive - he manages to unzip, hold, shake, and zip back up with one hand.
What he didn’t do: After he was done, he didn’t bother to flush the toilet, and he didn’t bother to wash his one used hand. Instead he grabs a paper towel and walks out. I’m assuming it was to open the door with; apparently he’s paranoid of all the other no flusher no hand washers that use the men’s room.

Breeders Hate the Environment

In honor of blog action day

Last week the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Al Gore for his work on promoting global warming awareness. Personally, I don’t see how making a documentary and doing a bunch of speeches deserves a peace prize, but hey, it’s better than awarding it to someone for starting a war in the Middle East. But what good is Gore really doing with his global warming awareness campaign?

People are jumping on the hybrid car fad. Reducing the amount of carbon being pumped in the air, doesn’t eliminate it. Plus with the ever growing population, more and more drivers are on the roads. Even if we all drove hybrids would it really make that much of a difference?
Most everyone I know does a decent job of recycling paper, aluminum, and plastics. But we still have plenty of other waste that ends up in the landfills. The trash collector comes every week, as compared to the recycling that comes every other week. Why is this; because we throw away more trash than we recycle. With the…

Jog Lady Jog

Here’s one for the stupid bitch file. I usually leave my house for work pretty early in the morning. Early enough to where it’s still dark outside. The route to the highway involves traveling down a road with a decent sized shoulder on each side but no sidewalks, except for the new developments that have installed them along the roadway. I’ve started to notice a woman jogging down the side of the road. Nothing unusual except for the fact that she is jogging with the flow of traffic instead of against it. For those of you who know the law, it’s that you actually have to walk or jog against the flow, so that you can watch for oncoming cars. I know from experience that this kind of sucks when it’s dark because you get lights in the eyes. But the reason for this being a law is, you can see the oncoming cars, and hopefully jump out of the way was some drive-tard comes along talking on their cell phone, doing their makeup, or sleeping, and drives into you. When jogging with the flow, you do…

The Worst Season

A lot of people tend to babble on about how nice fall is. They make statements about the pretty trees changing color, or the fact that Christmas is coming up. Personally, I hate fall. Out of the four seasons it is by far the worst. Fall represents the end of summer and the beginning of cold. And as mentioned, Christmas is coming, the worst holiday of them all.

I went to a craft store today to pick up some picture mounting materials, and they already had a display dedicate to Christmas. It had a countdown clock, telling us the number of days till Christmas. They had lights, lawn crap, and worst of all they had Christmas music playing from a little display item.

So what does October and fall represent? Three months of Christmas music, people talking about Christmas, and Christmas crap at every store I go to.

Crafty Janitors

If you will notice in this picture, we have a box. On the left of the box is mixed paper and the right is white paper only. Also notice, inside the box are two plastic garbage cans. If you didn’t know any better, you might assume that you are supposed to throw the paper into the garbage cans inside the box. But what you can’t see here, on each garbage can is a label. On one, it says cans, and the other says garbage. So what we have here are four containers with two being stuck inside the others. This is normally how this setup looks. So as you can imagine, since people are lazy we don’t bother to take the two containers out of the box. We just throw cans into one, and everything else into the other.

What is happening here is; as the janitorial service comes through the Microsoft office, they dump the items then stick the two containers into the box. After giving it some thought I figured out why the janitors are doing this. If the janitor comes into the room and has to empty four cont…

Always the Same

There are quite a few things about working in an office that never change, and using the men’s room high on that list. Today, I went to the men’s room and walk over to the open urinal. There is a guy, just finishing up in the one next to mine. He zips up and walks to the sink, doesn’t bother to flush. While over at the sink, he does that thing that some people do, he blew snot into the sink. It’s such an amazingly nasty sound to have someone blowing their nose directly into the sink, that I wish I had a tape recorder with me. After blowing his snotty nose, he proceeds to dump water into his hands and splash it all over the place in an attempt to wet and comb his hair, before leaving.

Names that Piss You Off

Here’s an interesting conversation I was having that is so true it sucks. A friend of mine commented on how when watching the Office TV show, he doesn’t like or find attractive the character of Jan. During our talk, he pointed out it was due to some old rag he had to work with at one point that ruined the name for him. And it’s totally true how one name can run everyone with that name. I used to have a snatch of a manager named Chrissy, and even though it’s not a common name, if meeting someone with that name, I’d probably hate her… unless she was totally hot, then I might make an exception.