No on Prop 8

I normally don't post twice in one day, but since I didn't post much this week here is another one.

My buddy over at the Rooster Strikes did a post on a Religious extremist and gays, So I feel that I should add this link; No on Prop 8. For those who think marriage should be between two people who love each other, rather than our current BS antiquated Christian conservative beliefs. Help California fight the narrow minded fucktards. If you don't live there, donate, and if you do vote no. send the Christian conservatives back to the deep south, back woods, redneck, towns where they belong.


Rooster said…
Don't get me wrong, I'm not against gay marriage itself. The concept of marriage between two men or two women was illegalized by man. Specifically Roman Emporers Constantius and Constans.

I will support gay marriage as long as it's not in the name of God.

If you want to talk about narrow minded fucktards, let's look at your generalized view Christians. You are judging Christians based on the extremist views only. Open your eyes man.

I argue my points with you to try show you that Christianity itself is not the tunnel-vision belief system you think it is. Knock the extremists, not people like me.
CM said…
If history has taught us one thing; it's that the majority of killing, wars, and hate has been in the name of religion and following various interpretations of the word of god. Not, the belief in god, but the concept that my religion is right and yours is wrong.

Why do you feel that you need to go to church every Sunday, listen to someone read selected sections from a book of stories, and tell you their take on it in order to prove that you believe in god? Why can't you just believe and live a good life?
Rooster said…
Because the word of God is the ultimate authority. Not what some guy says. I don't necessarily agree with EVERYTHING they say, but there is a lot of insight one can learn. Not just about God, but life as well.

I have been through many different churches and have left many of them because they twisted the Word and made up their own rules.

I chose my church because the church as a whole follows the Word and doesn't make up rules or beliefs based their needs. It is a peaceful church that not only believes in Jesus Christ, but also helps the community - local and international - with no expectations of forcing people into our beliefs. Sure, we share the Gospel, but if people don't want to accept it, we don't start wars over it.

I don't go to church to prove I believe in God. I go to church to share communion with others who believe in God. I don't know about you, but I generally like to hang out with people that have common interests as me.

It's ok, you're still alright in my book. :)

Look at it this way: You're Democrat. Do you believe everything the Democrats say, or do you believe in the basis of Democratic foundations of social responsibility while understanding that, unfortunately, there are many individuals with their own conflicting agenda?

It's the same thing for Christianity.
CM said…
Lets get this straight, I am not a Democrat! I don't go to Democrat conventions every Sunday, and I don't always vote with the Democrats. I am a liberal. And if there were a liberal political party, that's the one I would vote for. The only reason why I lean towards the Democrat side, is that they lean towards the liberal side.