I Also Hate Facebook

So a couple of weeks ago, I finally gave up and decided to set up a Facebook profile. I've had a MySpace for a while and hardly ever log into it, unless someone e-mails me. Which is irritating because most people who send me a message through MySpace, actually have my e-mail address. And those who don't usually are people, who find me after years of no talking.

Anyway, I finally set up a Facebook profile, not because I really wanted one, but because I do have a business, and Facebook is another avenue for marketing. And I've found that I pretty much hate it as much as I hate MySpace. Once again, instead of e-mailing me, people send a message to my "wall." Then I have to respond "wall to wall" so that everyone can read our conversation. Not to mention, each time they send me a message, I get an e-mail notification, that I then select and go to my Facebook profile. WTF people, you have my e-mail address, just freaken e-mail me if you want to talk! Or use that thing in your pocket called a phone.

Today has a funny article titled "25 random things about Facebook" that pretty well sums up my opinion of it after two weeks


Seattle Freeze said…
Well, I use it so that other people can see how many friends I have-I'm so popular...I have 15,867 friends! Add me! Add me! Add me! You can be one of those close friends! Then we can have a pseudo-friendship built sole-y on what we write on each others walls! And. And. And...so that other people can see that we are like this *picture fingers crossing*! Oh gosh...won't people be soooo impressed?!

Oh yeah and!!!! f FB.
CM said…
Hey, I don't recal being added as one of your friends... what the hell, I'm not 1 of 15,867!!!
Marisa said…
Um, yeah...did you see the story on the Consumerist? Facebook can basically do whatever the hell they want with your stuff. How's that for marketing?

PS-I would add the link, but I'm writing this with my itouch...you know how to Google.