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Pig Murders in Cairo

In a continued overreaction to the swine flu, Egypt is forcing it's farmers to kill all pigs. Check out this article on MSNBC

Freak Out!

Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, we're all going to die! Swine flu has made it to Europe! Stop traveling, stop going to work and school, stop the presses! Even though no one in the U.S. has died from it, we all need to hit the streets in riots! The CDC has raised the alert level to 4!!!! Be like the Russians and Chinese, and stop eating beef from California. Even though there is no relations between beef and swine flue, we need to stop eating it anyway… Vegetarians had it right all along. We should all just stop eating any kind of meat! It's called swine flue after all, so take all that bacon and burn it to kill the viruses that don't exist in it. And no matter how good it smells while burning it, don't eat it or you will die! You will be the first person in the United States to actually die from swine flu, if you eat bacon. Get out the masks, get out the antibacterial soap, and whatever you do don't make love you your spouse, he/she is probably already infected a…

never go to the shell station on 164th and ash way!!!!!

Today's cranky contribution was forwarded to me via e-mail about the Shell station in Lynnwood off I-5 and 164th ST, west side of HWY. I know the station she is talking about, but have never used it as there are other stations in the vicinity with lower priced gas.

I had the worst night last night. I left work, and stopped at the shell station that is right by the freeway entrance. I tried to put my card in but it didn't take it, so I went in and pre-paid. I go back to the pump, and it won't start, so I try to put it back and sort of re-set it. still doesn't work. I go inside and wait in line and then when it's my turn I asked him for help - he doesn't say one word to me, just walks out from behind his counter and walk out to the pump, presses a few buttons, and runs back inside. still hasn't said a word. so I assume that it's fixed. nope. so I got back inside, wait in line again and ask for my money back. doesn't say one word to me, walks out from b…

Who Spent the Most

It's funny how now that Obama is president suddenly the conservatives have come out complaining about deficit spending. This last week across the country small conservative groups held "tea party" demonstrations protesting Obama's budget. Yet over the past 6 years they haven't had any problem with Bush running the deficit to record heights.

I decided to do a little research on deficit spending and I found this graph on, which is pretty telling about the Republican Party, the party that is supposed to be all about fiscal responsibility.

As you can see back to Johnson and even Nixon, the government was run via some deficit spending but it wasn't a massive amount. Not even with the Vietnam War going on. Nope, it didn't really shoot through the roof until Regan. Ronald Regan, the poster child for the Republican Party. For those of you who don't know (most Republicans) during the Regan years, the government started spending tons of money it d…

Fear Everything!

Have you ever noticed that as parents, out of everything we teach our kids, that fear is the most prevalent one of them all. What does that say about us as a people?

For example:
- Watch out for that fuzzy friendly looking dog, he/she will bite you if you try petting him. I notice this regularly, as I walk my dog and people move their children out of the way with fear in their eyes.
- Don't talk to strangers, they only want to molest you.
- Hey kids never let grandma take picture of you playing in the bubbles in the tub, that's considered child porn.
- God loves you, but you're going to burn in hell, because no one can live up to the standards set forth in the bible. But try anyway, and fear repercussions.
- Better be good or Santa won't bring you any gifts.
- Don't eat that Halloween candy until I've checked it, it could have poison/razor blades in it.
- Cover your eyes during that movie sex scene. Sex is bad. But those explosions and violence, that's…

Cancel That Time Warner Cable

According to a report on MSNBC, "Time Warner, the nation's third-largest Internet service provider, in its five experimental markets if offering five gigabytes of downloaded Internet content for $29.95 per month." For those people who watch a lot of internet TV, Netflix, or play a lot of online gaming, they will be paying an additional fee on top of that when they exceed the limit. AT&T has also started trials with the service. So far, Comcast only notifies its' users when they exceed 250 GB, but doesn't charge them. And Verizon hasn't tried such fees, so as consumers we have to tell these providers what we want. If we accept these fees from Time Warner and AT&T, the others might start doing it. But, if the people who have service with either of those two start canceling, all the providers will get the hint and not try lame assed ways like this to charge us money.

So don't accept these plans people! Let's nip this in the bud, and teach these co…

Police Academy dropout update

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Officer Robert Powell who decided to harass and ticket Houston Texans running back Ryan Moats, instead of letting him visit his dying mother in law. Well it looks like Powell couldn't take the heat, and has resigned from the force.

Once less douchebag with a badge, one more douchebag joining the ranks of mall cop.

- Full story on MSNBC

Bothell Takes my money

Sent from a cranky reader, about the lameness of Bothell WA.

So I go and get my mail today and in there is a bill from the city of Bothell. I was sent a bill in December I guess for maintenance of street lights and yearly up keep. I don't remember getting this bill but whatever. The letter said I owe $197.00 and if not sent in by April 13 I would be send to collections. First of all I don't ever remember being asked about replacing the street lights or paying for the up keep. Is that not what my taxes are for. I have lived in Bothell for 4 years and have never received a bill like this. I call the city to find out about this and was told the city has so much highway maintenance this year that it was voted on to pass some the maintenance cost along to the residence of Bothell. I say bull shit. I never voted on anything or was even asked my opinion. I can write to city hall and the major and voice my concerns and options, a lot of good that will do.

I was in Arizona this January a…

My Diet Cola Wars

At lunch last week, I accidently grabbed a diet soda instead of a regular one. It was instantaneous when I took that first drink and became aware of what I had done. It tasted like what I would imagine ass to taste like. Now, I've never orally reamed anyone's asshole before, so I can't say for sure that it tastes the same, but I imagine the aftertaste of a diet soda to roughly reflect the aftertaste of a person's lunch.

This got me thinking about the people who actually drink that crap. I've regularly noticed friends or people in general who drink diet soda, usually doing it while while out scarfing down a burger and fries. As if the positive effect from diet soda is going to balance out the negative effect of a burger and fries.

Some people might say that they drink it because they prefer the taste of diet over regular soda. I would also image these people enjoy the taste of a warm bung hole. But, I've dated women who drink diet soda and never have I had one of …

The News?

Obama is making his first trip to Europe as president?
GM and Chrysler going bankrupt?
The proposed Washington State budget and deficit for next year?

Nope! None of these things were the biggest news on the Seattle PI's new web only news site yesterday. Instead the top story according to the Seattle P.I.... Madonna adopting another African baby.

Yet somehow, people act like Hurst shutting down the PI was a bad thing. Maybe they should change the site from the Seattle Post Intelligencer, to the Seattle Celebrity Rag And Prattle, or Seattle CRAP for short. As that name comes across as more appropriate.

A good example would be yesterdays landing page for the Seattle Times, the local paper that is still in business.