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Why I stopped Donating to Nonprofits

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am a bit of a environmentalists. In doing my duties to save the planet and animals, I've donated money at various points in the years to different nonprofit agencies.

Unfortunately, now, whenever I check my mail it is full of crap from the nonprofits that I gave money, asking for more money. Why should I give money to an organization that isn't going to spend it on the cause I care about, but instead wastes that money killing trees to fill my mail box with crap I don't want asking for more money?

WWF: has mailed me something every months since I donated to them over a year ago. And, I only gave them $25 bucks.

Sierra Club: sends me a packet of post cards each month that I can mail to people, but end up going in the recycling.

The Nature Conservancy: has provided me with envelop labels that have my name spelled incorrectly on them.

Save the Chimps: has gone so far as to actually mail me a canvas shopping I didn't want, and still d…

The Right-Wing War on Women Grows

Over half of all U.S. women now live in states that force women to jump through a number of expensive, unnecessary, and emotionally manipulative hoops before having an abortion. According to the Guttmacher Institute.

“In 2000, the country was more evenly divided: nearly a third of women lived in states solidly hostile to abortion rights, slightly more than a third in states supportive of abortion rights and close to a third in middle-ground states,” says Rachel Benson Gold, Guttmacher’s director of policy analysis. “By 2011, however, more than half of women of reproductive age lived in hostile states. This growth came largely at the expense of the states in the middle. Only one in 10 women lived in a middle-ground state by 2011.”

Colbert on Newt, Mitt, and Rick's Anti-Cleantech Comments

Conservative States Love Santorum

Santorum all over the south. That's right people, they love Rick "Frothy Mix" Santorum in the south. According to last nights news, Alabama and Mississippi both want Santorum in the White House.

Apparently southern states don't think the White House is conservative enough, and they think if they fill it with Rick "Frothy Mix" Santorum the country will run the way they want.

If we get Santorum in this country, we can expect a rollback of civil rights, women's rights, and environmental progress. Conservatives want to "take this country back" to the 19th century, where women had to go to alleys for abortions, where the crime rate was high, and where a 9 year old could actually get a job in a factory. Ahhh, the good old days.

Yep, it sure would be fantastic to have Santorum running this country.

Japan's Whalers Catch Just 30% of Target Due

In a repeat of last year's events, Japan's whaling fleet is heading home, after catching far fewer whales than it had intended. Harassment by Sea Shepherd has again been cited by Japanese authorities as a key factor in the lower catch numbers.

Read all about it here...

Jon Stewart On Rush Limbaugh's Sandra Fluke Comments

No President Can Control Gas Prices as per Fox

Even though they are now blaming Obama for the high cost of gas, when Bush was in office, Fox actually pointed out how little effect the president actually has on gas prices.

Most Miserable Red States

A recent pull done by Gallup-Healthways has delivered the most miserable states in the U.S. to live in. It takes into account health, income, education, and life expectancy. As I was reading through the most miserable states to live in on noticed a trend. That these states also happen to be the most politically red states.
Maybe they should consider not voting for right-wing nutcases and they could look at improving the education system. And maybe they should listen to Michelle Obama which she tells them to eat better.

West Virginia - Purple state. A little blue and a little red, but mostly red. Kentucky - Red. Mississippi - Red and highest level of obesity in the list. Delaware - guess they all can't be red Ohio - purple state but considered a conservative values state even for the blue team.Alabama - Red againArkansas - RedMissouri - purple leaning red Florida - red and ridiculousTennessee - yep, big surprise a red one