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Signs you are a victim of emotional and verbal abused by toxic women or potential narcissist

Scarlett Johansson Sues Novelist Over Use of Name

I've always felt that Scarlett Johansson is overrated. And I will quite often have arguments with people on this subject. Sure, she's hot and looks good in a tight outfit in the Avengers and Iron Man movies. But beyond that, she really hasn't been in a movie that has impressed me. Yes, including Lost in Translation.
Now I have more reason to dislike her. Johansson is suing a French novelist for referencing her in a book in a complementary way. The novelist didn't make her up as a character in the book, he compared a character in the book to her, and she is now suing the publisher for ""breach and fraudulent use of personal rights,"
What a pretentious self-involved bitch.
Read more about it here.

Remember the 4th Amendment

You know what is funny about the right-wing. They are always ranting about the second amendment. "Don't infringe on my rights to a well-regulated militia." Yet they don't seem to have a problem with the government trampling all over the rest of the constitution.
This week we have found out that the government is reviewing millions of Americans phone records, text messages, and e-mails without probable cause, under the guise of preventing terrorism. Which seems to be the magic word for the right-wing. Mention terrorism and the fourth amendment's just goes out of the window.No questions.
For the conservative readers who only know the second amendment; the fourth amendment is the one that prevents the government from unreasonable searches and seizures. Which is exactly what the government is doing. They are searching personal information on American citizens in the hopes of finding a criminal, in complete disregard of the fourth amendment.
So, how about you tea-b…

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