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Stages of Drunk

At some stage on this list a few friends and I decided it was worthwhile to create the stages of drunk. Rule of thumb, up until drunk/pissed you are good, after drunk/pissed not so good.
Sober - BoringMerry - Starting off wellTipsy - the person you are talking with is looking betterBuzzed - a great place to beInebriated - happy for the nightDrunk/Pissed - time to stop drinkingSloshed - should have stopped drinking but too late to stop nowPlastered - that embarrassing friend of yoursLocked - stumbling around causing a sceneHammered - getting kicked out of barWasted/trashed - nausea and spinners Fucked - time to vomit and sleep next to the toiletShit-faced - sleeping next to toilet and not eating solid meals for the next few daysBlackout drunk - waking up in an alley the next day wondering where your pants wentDead - describes itselfIrish drunk- something the Irish people I was with said, because they think Irish are better drinkers than others… they aren't.

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