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Hipster Tagging

A friend and I decided to come up with a new game. We call it hipster tagging. The idea of the game is to go out and see who can get the most hipster pics at a time. My first attempt I found three.

Fun for the whole family, you try and see how many hipsters you can tag in a day.

As a reminder here is how to spot a hipster

Search Results on Bing and Google for Flipboard

I've noticed a lot lately that when searching for a site that new algorithms on search engines are bringing up everything except the site. But I think bing has managed to get even worse that google. At least a search for flipboard actually returns the site at the top of the results. On bing, the actual flipboard site doesn't even make the first page of results.

A little FYI Microsoft, if you want to actually beat google you do need to actually give people the sites they are looking for when searching on bing.