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A College Degree Does Not Equal Success

In the business world, I work in, it is interesting to see the value placed on a college degree. If you look at studies on income they all come to the same conclusion that an advanced degree equals higher pay. Yet, when we look at some of the most successful people throughout history we see many of the most successful and innovative people are often the ones without the college degree.
Orville and Wilbur Wright - The first to successfully fly using parts from a bicycle shop and a desire to each human powered flight. Yet at the time many people were attempting to achieve the same goal. A large number of those people with advanced degrees in fields that should have set them ahead but didn't.
Henry Ford - Designed the modern production line and founded the car company that now sells its vehicles worldwide.
Abraham Lincoln - Self-taught lawyer and considered to be the greatest president in American History.
Maya Angelou - Recently deceased,and dropped out of school at the age …

Not Using Bike Lane Ticket

Another example of how police waste time unnecessarily ticketing people instead of doing something useful with there time.

The House Won't Cut Defense Where It Is Needed

An interesting editorial in the NY Times this week, that I can't even blame on the republicans as both parties in the house are to blame for the US massive military budget. A budget that the pentagon wants to cut and congress won't let them.

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