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Flying from Ireland to US

You would think that it couldn't be more of a pain in the ass to fly, yet somehow the US government has come up with a way to do it.

Normally when flying you check-in, go through security, and do immigration when arriving in the country you are going into. The US government has come up with a new system with some countries where you go through immigration at the leaving airport and Ireland is now one of those places. So instead of planning two hours at the airport when flying out you need to now plan three hours.

As is usual you check-in and go through the security check. Then you follow some signs, and find yourself at the US security check. Yes, that's right the US government doesn't trust Irish airport security to do a good enough job so they make people traveling to the US go through security again. Because it's so much fun the first time, you get to wait in a really long line to do it again. Yet, not finding this to be enough of a pain in the ass, you leave …