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The Cult of Tech Companies

Working for the company I do, I interact with quite a few people from the same industry but different companies. I was having a conversation with someone the other night and we were talking about one of my companies competitors. The person I was talking to worked for another company, but there was one that we both agreed had a cult like following. I won't say which large tech company it is, but to describe this company. In the city I live most of the employees live in the area around the offices. When at work they are really into the company. When not at work they hang out together to the point of pub crawls together, evenings at each other's houses playing games, having parties, etc. During these times they spend most of it talking to each other about work items. And of course they date and marry one another.
I've spent a lot of time with one of the people who work for this company because one of the points of conflict between us is my inability to swallow the cool-aid,…

Texas Cop Stuns 76 Year Old Man During Traffic Stop

Another case of cops going to extremes

A Texas police officer is under investigation for using a stun gun on a 76-year-old mechanic he had pulled over for an expired inspection certificate.

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Book Recommendation - An Expat's Guide to Ireland

Looking for a good read. Check out this book by a buddy of mine who moved from the US to Ireland. An Expat's Guide to Ireland: Life in a Second World Country

Hilarious reading.