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The Great Trump Win

Yes that's right I would love to see Donald Trump win the election. Why you might be wondering? Look at Britain with the EU exit. There were three kinds of voters. Some of the ones who wanted it to happen are now second guessing it as it might have been a bad idea. The second group that voted for it but didn't think it would actually pass. They are the ones who wanted to send a message and  realized after the vote that it was a very bad idea to send that message. Then the third group, the ones that didn't vote. They are now realizing that they should have.  Now we have a new term in the UK called Regrexit. The reality of what they have done is setting in and the negative consequences just like what will happen in the US when we see Trump win. The EPA will be rolled back and more situations like what happen in Flint Michigan will happen. The rich will get more tax breaks that will have to be picked up by the rest of us. The supreme court will get a crazy right wing judge tha…

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

When anyone takes a drink When someone swears When anyone insults Dee such as telling her she's ugly or untalentedWhenever we see the waitress When Dennis has sex with someone When cricket shows up When Frank brandishes a gun When Dee's back brace is referenced When sniffing glue is mentioned When Mac demonstrates one of his karate movies When someone says, "Hayo" When someone points out that someone else is being racist