I was reading a blog written by some code writing computer geek about Microsoft, Apple, and of course code. I’ve posted on this blog for a while and never once received as many responses to any posting as he did about the life of writing code for Microsoft. Of course, all the responses were written by a bunch of other computer code writing geeks. I was going to post the below comment to the 09/18/06 blog but then realized I was making fun of a bunch of computer geeks, many who work for the same company I do, and could probably hack there way into my information in a heart beat. So I decided to post it here, on a blog that no one reads.

“Wow sitting around for hours writing code… great time. Wow, writing and maintaining a code related blog… interesting. And look at that, a whole bunch of geeks who spend too much time sitting in front of computers commenting on blog postings about Microsoft... super. I’d say while you are all sitting in your dark offices staring at computer monitors, I spent the day with your wives. But let’s be honest, has anyone on here actually ever had a girlfriend to marry. And two, I am currently sitting - in front of my computer - at my desk - at Microsoft.”

Here is the actual post if you want to read it http://peterwright.blogspot.com/2006/09/switching-to-mac-and-ubuntu.html#links