Fox vs Limbaugh

Recently Michael J. Fox did some political spots promoting politicians who support stem cell research. I haven’t seen the ads, in them he is pretty clearly showing the signs of his Parkinson’s. Rush Limbaugh, Americas loud mouth conservative blow hard, spouted off about how it seemed like Michael was shaking a little more then usual. Yeah Rush, how dare Michal J. Fox use his real life disease, that most of us can’t even imagine dealing with, to promote candidates who support research that might help find a cure. I mean really, how dare anyone use there illness to promote people who believe in finding a cures for any diseases or illness. They should be ashamed for wanting to live normal lives.

The fact that people still listen and even believe some of the crap that comes out of Rush Limbaugh’s mouth, just goes to show how ignorant and narrow minded the conservative right winged really are.

And Rush, because I’m sure you read this blog, instead of picking on actors with diseases why don’t you come out here to Seattle and pick on something more equal. We have a few Orcas in Puget Sound you are probably well suited to interacting with.