Web of Trust?

Occasionally when I’m bored with nothing else to do I might write a review of a product, book, or whatever on epinions.com. Lately, I’ve actually started paying a little more attention to the other reviewers on the site, I have noticed something, and it’s that a large number of the reviews are full of crap!

This is probably no surprise, as the general population is full of crap, but let’s take a look at the one who motivated me to do this posting. three_ster, has written 1082 reviews as of the time I’m writing this. First, what kind of geeky no life looser has the time to write 1082 reviews since June 26th of 2000. let’s do the math, roughly 6 years gives us 72 months. 1082 / 72 months equals 15 reviews per month. Not a huge number once it’s broken down. To put it in prospective, I’ve had my account since December of 2004 and I’ve done 13 reviews total. Then again, I have a life, work, friends, girlfriends, a dog, etc. But even having a life I could probably come up with 15 reviews a month and I’ll tell you how… Plagiarize. I looked at some of this persons reviews and a few are opinions on college life, movies, and other crap. But others are obvious rip offs. I can’t prove this as I don’t have the time or desire to search for the sources. But I can say that when I was in college, (which is what appears this person was during the majority of the reviews) I didn’t have the time or money to go purchase and play with a bunch of electronic devices. It could be some of the electronics are borrowed or loaned to this person but somehow I doubt. One review I read even stated, “I never went here but this is what my friends have told me.” When at least this person was somewhat honest in that one.

Why the hell am I being so cranky over some hack on the internet? First, this person gave me a “Somewhat Helpful” instead of a “Helpful” or “Very Helpful” like everyone else did on one of my reviews. The other and obvious reason is money. epinions does provide a stipend on reviews. It’s a small one and not really worth the effort. To give you an idea in 2 years and 13 reviews I’m up to 78 cents. But, should I happen to start copying other people’s reviews and work my way up to 1082 over 6 years, heck I’d be rolling in the dough.