Mustang Shelton

Sometimes when it comes to photography, I have a tendency to agree to a shoot before getting all the details, and it usually bites me in the ass. For example; a studio I occasionally work for, asked me if I wanted to assist, “photographing 400 Ford Mustangs in one shot... That's right.. Ron, the photographers uses a camera that was built in 1900 to capture it all in one photograph. It is truly amazing to see." Since I wasn’t working today, and it sounded fun, plus I could snap a few shots of my own, I agreed to do it. After agreeing to do the shoot, I found out it was at a drag strip near Sanderson Air Field in Shelton Washington. As you can see by the Google directions, it’s a two hour drive from my house.

I woke up nice and early allowing extra time for the Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia traffic that I would need to go through. I followed the directions as provided by Google maps, only to end up down a dirt road surrounded by trees. That’s right, the directions as seen here provided by Google, do not take you to the airport, they take you to nowhere… literally! After turning around, and going to Shelton, I talk to a gas station attendant, who tells me the airport is right off hwy 101. In step four of goggles directions, it says to exit, instead of what it should say, “Continue to follow 101 until you hit the airport”.

Google, I would like to say, “fuck you very much for those wonderful directions.”

In case you are wondering; the shoot was fine, a few of the drivers were a little bitchy about it taking so long, and the drive home took twice as long, thanks to rush hour traffic. But I was able to snap a couple quick pictures while there. -Check them out-