Cranky Hits 300

That's right folks, this is posting number 300. I started this blog back in August of 2005 as a joke. Originally the blog was titled "The Men's Room" and was dedicated to the odd happenings in the men's room, at the AT&T Building I worked in. After a while though, it expanded into the wonderful ramblings of a Cranky Monkey that it is today. In honor of my 300th post, I decided it would be fun to look back at some of the fantastic reader comments I've received, from you all, my fantastic readers.

  • Lets start with the first real comment I received. "Jesus. Cranky Monkey is a crock. My grandma is crankier than you." Well Anonymous, I certainly hope my posts since have lived up to your grandmothers standards.
  • On Stereotyping the greatness of men, one anonymous female responded with a comment that "women can have an intelligent conversation's" Come on, only a crazy chick would think something like that.
  • After one of my many tirades on the crappiness that is Cingular/AT&T Jam Mayer (CallCenterScript), apparently had a hard time reading the name at the top of the blog referring to me as "Cranky_Money"
  • Which leads to one of my favorite comments by Anonymous, on rednecks in Elk Washington breading (misspelled breeding). "Breading is what we in Elk use on our fried fish or fried chicken. If you meant "breeding," maybe you should have asked one of the Elk rednecks how to spell it" And it's true, I have bad spelling and grammar, after all, I'm the product of an eastern Washington education. And hey, I may not be able to spell incest without spell check, but at least I know what it means, anonymous.
  • After trash talking people who hide from the camera at picture time, one of those people was so kind as to refer to me as, "asshole" with a ;) after it.
  • Of course, after referring to the majority of my readers as Cunts. I received a plethora of comments, ranging from referring to me as a, "ass munching, cock sucking, cunt licking, dirty whore" to "I love your Blog, you're a creative writing genius!" and I might be taking that last quote out of context.
  • And a comments blog wouldn't be complete without mentioning my buddy over at the rooster strikes. It is thanks to his whacked out religious conservatism, that I've been able to enjoy many a heated debate on the subject.

    I could go on, but I do have a job after all. So , if I didn't mention a comment you left, don't be mad. After all I'm trying to remember back over 300 posts. Most of the ones mentioned I had to go back and look for. So feel free to comment again, maybe after the next 300 I'll talk about you.


Rooster said…
Would a whacked out religious conservative tell you to go fuck yourself?

No. But, a decent minded Replublican, that sometimes leans to left depending on certain issues and dislikes Bush like you, would. So, with that said...

Go fuck yourself.
MGD said…
Yes they would totally say that. But instead of saying "Go fuck yourself". They say, "You're going to hell I'm going to heaven, because I go to church every weekend, sucka bitch!"
Anonymous said…
You didn't even mention that some of us read your blog because we feel sorry for you because you are short.
Unknown said…
MGD said…
Anonymous said…
You make fun of us girls but you couldn't live without us. If nothing else you need us for sex and we did make your 300 list.