Facebook Lists

As much as I hate social networking sites such as Facebook. I will say that one fun thing fun to do is categorize the random people who friend me on Facebook. Not that I care much about grouping the miscellaneous people I know on the site, but a friend showed me his GILF (Girls I'd Like to Fuck) list, which got me thinking that I should create a few lists of my own. Besides the GILF list, the second one I could create would be the GIHF (Girls I Have Fucked) list, followed up by the GIFD (Girls I'd Fuck Drunk) list. and of course the GINF (Girls I'd Never Fuck) list. the final list I came up with has nothing to do with fucking, it's the RPWFMOFBINAFW (Random People Who Friended Me on Facebook But I'm Not Actually Friends With) list. This unfortunately is where most of my Facebook "friends" would get grouped.


Seattle Freeze said…
*waiting to see where I'm placed*