PayPal Drops WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks the website dedicated to exposing governments for the misleading, lying, cover-up loving, and incompetent bunch of douche-bags that they are, took another hit today. PayPal cut off WikiLeaks account that is used to collect donations.

WikiLeaks has been under attack lately. They have governments and hackers attacking the site forcing them to move their domain to Switzerland. The founder of the site receives death threats on a regular bases, and sexual assault charges. And now the government has motivated another big business besides Amazon to go after this organization, with PayPal no longer allowing supporters of the site to make donations.

If you have never been to the site, check out the about section and read with they do what they do, and why the government is against WikiLeaks goal of government openness and accountability for embarrassing, “Washington and foreign leaders by releasing a trove of brutally frank U.S. diplomatic cables” proving everything people think about the government but are too complacent to do anything about.

According to the story on Yahoo News, WikiLeaks is now limited to accepting donations, “through mail to an Australian post office box, through bank transfers to accounts in Switzerland, Germany or Iceland, as well as through one "credit card processing partner" in Switzerland.”