Friends Drinking Game

The Friends Drinking Game

Friends Drinking Game

This long-running show can pretty much be found playing at some point throughout any day. So, if you are sitting around with some friends, play along to the Friends drinking game.


  • When anyone mentions "the break."
  • When Phoebe sings.
  • When Joey says, "How you doin?"
  • When Joey eats something.
  • When Joey has an acting audition.
  • When Ross's ex-wife Carol is mentioned.
  • When  There is a flashback
    • Take two drinks if the flashback is Monica in a fat suit. 
  • When someone takes a drink of coffee.
  • When anyone says, "I know."
  • When Monica cleans something. 
  • When anyone of the characters parents shows up.
  • When anyone mentions ugly naked guy.  
  • Chandler sits funny.
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