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Help Ban Divorce in California

Protect the sanctity of marriage and help ban divorce in Californian! Voters last fall repealed gay marriage in the state, wanting to protect traditional marriage. All prop 8 did was prevent gays and lesbians from getting married, but for the true believers, to protect traditional marriage we should ban divorce all together. After all, the vow does say "till death do us part."

A group of concerned citizens is trying to get on the ballot in California for 2010 the California Protection of Marriage Act. If you are a California resident, then please sign the petition and support the cause. Because after all, if gays can't get married for tradition, straight people shouldn't be allowed to divorce for the same reason.

Visit Rescue Marriage for more information or to support the cause.

Cranky for Palin

As you may have noticed there are strategically located ads on this blog. It was pointed out by a friend yesterday, that my left leaning anti-Palin commentary didn't trigger Goggles' adSense relevancy filter, and an add for her posted on the site.

Ahhh, good stuff that Palin book.

Dual Flush‏

Another good one from my boy Eccentri City

So I am sitting on the crapper in one of our work buildings and I look over to find this sign:

Then I think, this would be a great thing in the lady’s room. But for the masculine excremental unit, unless males are increasingly peeing like girls (which wouldn’t surprise me where we work), what value would this have? Liquid waste goes to the self NON-flushing green urinals for the most part. If I only had to expunge liquid waste, I wouldn’t even be in this stall.

Oh well. If they ever decide to swap rooms at least they will be prepared.

Louisiana and Arkansas Democrats, Get Off Your Asses

I would imagine I don’t have many readers from Arkansas and Louisiana, but if you are from one of those states, and you do read this blog, e-mail or call your representatives to the US Senate and tell them to allow the heath bill to go up for debate. The vote they are wavering on isn’t a vote to support or approve the heath bill before them. All the vote is, is to allow it to be debated. They can then try to make changes to the bill, but that can’t be done until it’s up for discussion.

In Arkansas contact Blanche Lincoln -here
In Louisiana contact Mary Landrieu -here

The bill is designed to rein in costs, expand coverage and bar industry practices like denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.

Republicans (The party of No) don’t support the bill because it’s proposed by Democrats. But Democrats should at least support the concept of allowing the bill to be debated, amended, and voted on.

A New Ad from Plane Stupid

Living in a country without bullet trains, we are forced to fly for most all of our travel. Here's a video to give you something to think about.

Polar Bear from Plane Stupid on Vimeo.

Our Lives are a Dilbert Cartoon

Sent from a cranky co-worker.

My life is a Dilbert cartoon ~ Eccentri City
So, Cranky and I work at the same place and I forwarded this for “collaborative analysis”.

15 Signs Your Workplace Is Dysfunctional

We were surprised to find out that, there is not ONE of the 15 signs that does not apply. We thought we could cratch off at least a few. Surely it isn’t that egregious. But alas, each of the 15 signs is prevalent. Here’s how it goes down with each in our workplace:

Sign No. 1: Conspicuously posted vision or value statements are filled with vague but important-sounding words like "excellence" and "quality."

Here’s out team’s mission statement:
“We lead and execute programs to ensure [our business’] sales, service and support teams are “business ready” for products and services by:
· Seeing the road ahead
· Role call
· Manage Whales and Fish
· Build our strengths”
“Business ready”? Sounds nice and vague. I know for a fact we can hardly see an inch in front of us let alone the…

Why Pot Hasn't Been Legalized

This was forwarded to me from a friend, and seemed as good as anything for today's post.

How Working for Microsoft as a "V-" or "A-" Is Like Being Black In The 50's

One of the joys of working for Microsoft as a vender or contractor is you are not a full time employee, which of course means you are treated as such by the full time employees.

Every employee/vender/contractor is provided a badge. The badge has a picture of the person. The badge is used for many purposes such as entering the building and security. It is to be warn and visible at all times. For venders and contractors it's orange. For FTE's it's blue. You are either a blue badge or an orange badge, so know your place.

The company store is one the perks Microsoft provides it's employees. An orange badge will allow you into the store, you just aren't allowed to purchase anything once there. Unless you are friends with a blue badge and can talk them into it.

Microsoft provides it's own bus service called the Connector. The service picks up at select locations around King and Snohomish county. This provides employees a ride to work on a bus with WiFi and the ability t…

The Joys of Wolf Hunting

Dead mother, live pup? Maybe

So proud of himself for shooting such a large animal with a high powered rifle, scope, and plenty of distance.

I’m a Republican!?!?

I’m not sure how it happened but somewhere, somehow my name was added to the Washington state Republican voters list. Yep, that’s right folks; the Cranky Monkey is a Republican. Who would have thought?

As a registered Republican they sent me a questionnaire about the state of the Republican Party asking for feedback. Followed up of course by an ask for a donation.

What I found interesting is the way the questions were worded, worded in a way to elicit the response that they wanted to hear. I generally disagree with the Republican Party on most all issues, yet had to fight the urge to agree with them on the way they were worded. I can see how the old, easily influenced, and general population of this country might agree with them.
For example:
“Do you oppose the Obama-Pelosi heath care takeover plan that would bring Washington bureaucrats between doctors and patients, ration medical treatment, and deny critical care while skyrocketing the national debt.” Wow! How could I respond to that, i…

Coal Country

Not a huge issue here in the North West but interesting to think how we will continue to destroy our environment in our never ending need to consume.

See it in theaters or get the DVD for Coal Country

What Would Jesus Think of the Healthcare Debate

As we've seen in the news and read online quite a bit lately, there have been protests all across this country over recent months, against the democrats attempt at healthcare reform. One of the interesting things about these protesters is they identify themselves as patriots and Christians. The NY Times recently had an article about one of the protests, no different from any other article on the subject. After reading it, I scrolled down to the comments section and read this one from someone referencing the bible.

Then Jesus will turn to those on His left hand and say, “Depart from me because I was hungry and you did not feed me, I was thirsty and you did not give me to drink, I was sick and you did not visit me.” These will ask Him, “When did we see You hungry, or thirsty or sick and did not come to Your help?” And Jesus will answer them, “Whatever you neglected to do unto one of these least of these, you neglected to do unto Me!”

I think if Jesus were alive today he would not be v…

Times They are a Changin… for Marijuana

In a sign that this country is loosening it’s collective panties on marijuana: In the elections held last night, two more places that had marijuana law changes on the ballot voted in favor of the ganja.

- Breckenridge Colorado, voted to allow adults to legally possess small amounts of marijuana
- Maine approved dispensaries to supply marijuana to patients for medicinal purposes. A follow-up to a 1999 measure that legalized medical marijuana but did not set up a distribution system.

Not to mention the Obama administration announcing recently that they are going to stop going after marijuana dispensers in states that have legalized its use.

Teaching Gay

On this election day, I love how the moral majority always uses scare attics to get people to vote their way. I also love how the sheep in this country seem easily fall for it.

Check out this video for example, it's pretty clear. If we allow gay marriage, they are going to teach being gay to kids, and your children will become gay. So vote no if you don't way gay children.

And now notice the pro-gay marriage video. No scare tactics, no ant-straight commentary, just hey let's treat everyone as equals.

Being gay isn't a choice. Come on, would any really willing choose to be ridiculed by society, live in fear or attack in the red states, choose to have their family disown them. No! and no, teachers aren't going to suddenly start teaching gay to children. Hopefully the only thing they will teach is tolerance.

Denied Insurance After Rape

As if being raped isn't a traumatic enough experience, this woman had her insurance dropped for it as a pre-existing condition. Basically, since she was in therapy and taking anti-HIV medications, they wouldn't provide her coverage.

As the debate goes on over healthcare reform, and the conservatives protest the idea of changing the status quo, I wonder how many of them would participate in those protests if this had happened to them.