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I’m a Republican!?!?

I’m not sure how it happened but somewhere, somehow my name was added to the Washington state Republican voters list. Yep, that’s right folks; the Cranky Monkey is a Republican. Who would have thought?

As a registered Republican they sent me a questionnaire about the state of the Republican Party asking for feedback. Followed up of course by an ask for a donation.

What I found interesting is the way the questions were worded, worded in a way to elicit the response that they wanted to hear. I generally disagree with the Republican Party on most all issues, yet had to fight the urge to agree with them on the way they were worded. I can see how the old, easily influenced, and general population of this country might agree with them.

For example:
“Do you oppose the Obama-Pelosi heath care takeover plan that would bring Washington bureaucrats between doctors and patients, ration medical treatment, and deny critical care while skyrocketing the national debt.”

Wow! How could I respond to that, it’s not even close to the plan that’s proposed? I’m suprised that they didn’t have the words ‘Death Panels" mixed in there.

“Should the Democrats’ so-called Stimulus Bill with it’s wasteful pork-barrel spending be repealed.”

Well let’s see. The bill created or saved over 600,000 jobs (or so we've been told) and most likely helped keep the unemployment rate from getting higher that it already is. The bill included tax cuts, spending on education and healthcare and green energy. Apparently our current Republicans in government never studied Keynesian economics. To get out of a depression or recession the government needs to spend money, then when the economy recovers we have tax payers working and paying taxes. Dwight Eisenhower (a Republican) was aware of this, and continued and expanded many of the New Deal policies to include spending money on an interstate system to cross the country.

Do you oppose the Obama National Energy Tax, also known as “cap and trade,” which would skyrocket your utility bills and destroy jobs while having virtually no impact on the environment?

Actually it wouldn't and that's been proven by a few studies and current cap and trade systems.

The questions go on and are just as lopsided, and written in a way to elicit only one possible response to each. After completing my questionnaire and sending it back, I’m going to assume that my name will be removed from the republican