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The Distorted World of Search Engines

I’ve had this blog for quite some time now, I have a few places that link to it, either via other blogs (thanks yo), or sites and blogs I’ve commented on or added the link myself. I’ve also done the typical search engine submissions, focusing on the top 4. All things being equal you’d expect a search for The Cranky Monkey to come back in “relatively” the same ranking. But in the search engine world, things are not equal.

Starting with the big dog, Google returns The Cranky Monkey in the top spot. Actually second to top spot, but that’s good enough for me. I’m ok with being number two on the top search engine. On yahoo, you will get The Cranky-Mama before The Monkey. In fact, The Cranky Monkey isn’t even in the top 100. The big joke of the group is MSN’s Live search. On Live search my photography website shows up before The Cranky Monkey does. Yes, many months ago I had a link to The Cranky Monkey from but not anymore. And still, in the order of things, you’d think, the one would come before the other.

I’ll have to give props to EX2 Adventures. They apparently spend a few bucks with the search engines. With the top 3 engines, they come back with top honors in The Cranky Monkey search.

And finally, how do I rate on the 4th largest search engine Well my friends, here it is, EX2 Adventures is not the top result….The Cranky Monkey is!!! That’s right, I’m number 1!!!!!!! For now anyway, I’m sure once EX2 Adventures figures it out, they will up their marketing dollars to push The Monkey down.