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Big Surprise, Bush Worst

238 presidential scholars recently got together to decide who was the worst President, and guess who is at the top of the list? That’s right, George Bush. Personally, I don’t need to be a scholar to figure that one out, but it is always nice to read.

According to the Siena institute, “President Bush ranked worst among modern presidents -- and the fifth worst in history.” Overall worst - Andrew Johnson.

Police Finally Issuing Worthwhile Tickets

Finally, the Washington state police are issuing tickets for something I can support and agree with. Three weeks ago police started pulling people over for talking on their cell phones, and in that time, they have issued more than 630 tickets to drivers.

The law has been in effect for a while now, but it wasn’t until last month that violations became a primary offense and they could pull people over for it. prior to that it was a secondary offenses, meaning officers have to see another violation, such as speeding, to make a stop.

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Muuuust Haaaave iPhooone!!!

This is an awesome video to demonstrating the obsessive stupidity of iPhone users. Enjoy

Watch the Cove! And Do Something about It

I’ve blogged about the documentary The Cove before, but really want to encourage everyone to see this movie that is now available on DVD. The movie follows a small group of people trying to bring awareness to the thousands of dolphins that are slaughtered each year in Taiji Japan.

And if you don’t think this affects you, because you don’t eat Japanese dolphin or whale meat think again. Before the dolphins are slaughtered they are picked through by trainers. The ones the trainers pick out are shipped all over the world to sea parks and aquariums where people like you, go to watch them be put on display for your entertainment or for you to swim with them and think they are so cute. Would you like being caged up and then forced to do trick for food?

The only good thing in this story is that we have so polluted our oceans that whales and dolphins are so full of mercury that they are potentially poisoning those who eat the meat. Unfortunately, also poising their unsuspecting children as wel…