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Further Proof of What's Wrong with this World

Today in proof of what's wrong with people on this planet…

The Life of Poo

BMW Gets a New Owner With Same Problems

The saga of the barely working motorcycle (BMW) continues.
About a month after Ride West sold the motorcycle on consignment for me I received an e-mail from some guy. In reading the e-mail it turns out he was the one who bought the bike from Ride West, and surprise, surprise, he had a problem with it not starting and had to take it into the service department there. He was asking if I had any problem with the bike prior to selling it.
I was a little hesitant to reply, worrying he might try to blame me for the problems with the motorcycle. But decided to reply and let him know. So I did, told him that I had the same issue with the bike and that the mechanics at ride west told me it was fixed. His reply to that was, that they told him the fuel pump had never been replaced before. Odd, since it was the same dealer mechanic and they were well aware of the problem I had with the bike that they would have had a record of. Anyway, we spoke back and forth via e-mail and I assured him that …