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UPS Can't Deliver

I love how I always get stuck dealing with poor customer service as it gives me something to write about in this blog. My latest issue is with UPS who have posted about before.
I ordered some books through Amazon, specifically the publishing division Create Space. The books arrived but some of them were water damaged. It had been raining quite a bit so I didn't think much of it that UPS couldn't keep the box dry. So I called Amazon and told them the issue and they promptly reshipped the order. A few weeks go past and I received an email from Create Space saying, "We have been contacted about a package pending delivery. We were contacted today by UPS regarding order #, they contacted via email and tried to call, however there was no phone number in the account. Please call UPS and provide them with the tracking number so you can arrange a delivery today. Otherwise the package will be abandon as today is the last day they can keep it."
Notice they said that UPS tried…