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Psych Drinking Game

Whenever Shawn touches his temple with one of his "visions" Whenever Henry says, "I don't know Shawn" Whenever Shawn introduces Gus using a fake name Whenever there is a zoom flash event of Shawn keying in on something Whenever Carlton shows his gun Whenever there is a reference to a movie Whenever Gus screams like a girl Whenever Shawn and Gus bump fists Every time you see the blueberry

Climate Change Denier Paid by Energy Companies

No surprise here

 "A leading climate change denier whose work has fortified right-wing political arguments for years, was paid more than $1.2 million by energy companies."

Red the full story... 

Throw Rocks - Get Shot By Police

"Police officers who fatally shot a Mexican farm worker in Washington state after he pelted them with rocks fired 17 shots at the man, striking him five or six times"

Read full story here...