More Big Government by the Party of Small Government

It is always interesting to talk to conservatives about one of the things they vote for, which is small government and reduced spending. Yet, whenever the Republicans are in control of the government, as they are now, spending goes up, the national dept goes up, and still they are supposed to be the party of conservatism. And oddly we haven't heard much from the cut spending Republican media and voters lately.

For example the latest budget "CONGRESS SENDS TRUMP $700 BILLION MILITARY SPENDING BILL" They are increasing spending on the largest areas that the government spends money on all ready. In 2016 we were spending about 600 billion and now they want to add another 100 billion. In comparison the government spends 19 billion on NASA.

Where are all the tea-party voters now? You remember those windbags in the Obama era that were complaining about rising dept and increased government spending. They voted a bunch of Republicans into office that were supposed to be fiscally…

Thoughts on Harvey Weinstein

In this episode we discuss our annoyance that Hollywood is just now doing something about Harvey Weinstein

Hurricanes? Nope, Let's Talk Healthcare Repeal

Over the last month we have had four massive hurricanes hit land, so when most people are thinking what can we do to help people, or even perhaps that climate change is real, leave it up to the republicans to not care. Instead of focusing on the devastation, the death, the millions in damage they are working on repealing Obamacare again. Yep, republicans this week are working on a bill called the Graham-Cassidy health care bill.

Republicans are like a bulldog who refuse to give up on a bone. It's like, "look over here boy I've got this squeaky toy."  And the dog just bites harder on the old bone refusing to let go.

I 've this quote - "You know, I could maybe give you 10 reasons why this bill shouldn't be considered," Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley told local reporters, according to The Des Moines Register. "But Republicans campaigned on this so often that you have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign. That's pretty much as …

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David Lynch: The Art Life Review

Watching the documentary David Lynch: The Art Life is reminiscent of watching a David Lynch film. It is a bit off-putting and you leave the theatre feeling exhausted, not fully knowing what you just watched, but better for having watched it. The Art of life is a simply documentary showing us the upbringing of Lynch through old images and home movies as Lynch talks us through his life through voice over.
Directors Jon Nguyen and Rick Barnes doing an excellent job of showing us a side of Lynch we have seen before but never really knew we saw and that is his life as an artist. Not an artist in the aspect we know such as filmmaker but painting, crafting, and molding art.
Throughout the film we see Lynch work in his home studio as he tells us how he first began his craft as an artist even before he knew that is what he wanted to be. As a child he tells us a story about a naked woman wondering the streets of his childhood neighborhood reflecting the image of Isabella Rosaline that we see …

800 Billion and Growing

We have now been at war in Afghanistan for 16 years and thanks to the recent announcement by Trump we will be there longer. The US government so far has spent $800 billion dollars on the war. A number that will keep going up.  "More than 2,200 US troops have been killed in Afghanistan, as well as thousands of allied forces. Tens of thousands of Afghan civilians and military have also died in the conflict." according to CNN

Hmmm, how could $800 billion dollars be more well spent?

NASA's budget is $18.5 billion so we could have massively expanded that and might have people walking  mars by now if we had spent 16 years focused on exploration. The national debt is $19 trillion dollars, so we could have paid a bit of that. US Debt ClockWe could expand healthcare to Americans. Help people instead of kill them. I know it's against the ideals of American but something to consider. cleanup some of the 1322 superfund sites in the US. 
The list could go on but why bother. This …

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