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Trying to Close my Revolute Account

Based on the terrible customer service that I received from Revolut, it should be no surprise that as soon as I got my money back, I wanted to close the account. 

If you go into the app, there is an option for “close account” selecting on that, it then said I needed to downgrade from the metal plan. After screwing up my account, they upgraded me to metal at no cost as a ‘woops sorry, our bad’. So, I downgraded my account. And, it said I need to have a zero balance. There was £1.09 in my account. I transferred that out to zero it out. Then, trying to close again, it said I needed to verify funds. 

Closing Revolute Account
Zero Balance and Still Can't Close

So, I messaged customer service and received this: 

Dear ___, my name is Leonardo, and I am contacting you today regarding your source of funds verification. There is nothing to worry about, this is a standard process that we need to comply with, and we just need to ask you a couple of questions. If you wish, you can read more about the process on our blog and-plan/profile-plan/source-of-funds-check/i-need-to-verify-my-source-of-funds, and we appreciate your cooperation as we proceed. In case you receive salary from your employer, please send us two of the following documents: (1) Tax Return statement or Tax Declaration (2) Recent one month payslip (with employer name, employee name, period and amount(s) visible) (3) Letter from your employer confirming your salary (4) Recent bank statement (your name and date must be visible) confirming the receipt of your salary (if not received directly on your Revolut account) (5) Work contract (dated and signed by employer and employee), stating the duration of employment, the salary and/or additional benefits. If you are self-employed, please send us two of the following documents: (1) Tax Return statement or Tax Declaration (2) One month invoices within the last 12 months (including your name, address, VAT and amount(s)) (3) Bank statement corresponding to one month invoice payments (your name and date must be visible). (4) Dividends statement/certificate/voucher (including the amount and your position as shareholder or director). And also, would you please clarify the nature of the transactions with ___ for further assistance? If the above doesn’t apply to you, please let me know, so I can try to list other documents we might accept. You can upload the documents by tapping on the paperclip button directly here on chat, or you can upload them directly on your Revolut app. Thank you so much in advance! 

My Response 

Just close my account 

 David then replied:

 I understand that having to verify your income can be cumbersome, however, as a regulated financial institution, we are bound to comply with strict governmental national and international regulations. We take these policies very seriously and that sometimes puts us in the position of having to contact our customers to ask for evidence regarding the source of their funds, along with identity verification. If you wish to do so, you can read more about this process on our Terms and Conditions, point 24 - “When could you suspend or close my account?” ( I really appreciate your cooperation on this matter so that we can speed up this verification as much as possible. If you have any questions on what documents you are required to provide, please let me know and I will do my best to clarify everything for you. 


 I’m not tell you where I get money from, it’s none of your business. Just close the account. 


we really appreciate all of your cooperation. Based on the review conducted, your account is now functional. As an appreciation gesture, we want to offer you a reward that you can use to purchase Revolut Metal for 1 month, if you wish. Even though we cannot guarantee that another refund will be processed if a similar situation arises in the future, as this is not in our refund policy, this is a goodwill gesture and I hope you find it useful. If you wish to check the T&Cs of our metal plan, you can do it here: Thank you once again and have a lovely day! 

Okay. So, over the summer, they transferred the money out of my account and closed it. After fighting with them for months I got my money back and they upgraded me to the Metal plan for three months. I then tried to close my account. They said I needed to verify my source of income. I said no. So, instead of closing the account they say thank you, now let's upgrade to you metal again. WTF is wrong with this company! Oh, and they deposited £13.00 into my account as “goodwill.” 

 A few days later I tried to close me account again. I transferred the £13 out of the account and downgraded the plan, again. With zero balance and the basic plan I tried closing the account and was told I needed a zero balance, which I did have. 

I Messaged Customer Service 

 I'm trying to close my account but your terrible app won't let me.


I am sorry to hear that you'd like to close your account, can you share more details behind this decision? 


 If you have access to the history of my account and the terrible, horrible, bad service I have received by your company then read that to get the answer to your question. 


 I deeply apologize. I know that this is unrelated to the initial concern. We are doing our best to offer a great service and in order to show this we would like to offer you an incentive to stay with us and hopefully we will be able to live up to your expectations. As you are a valued customer we would like to offer you 2 months of Free Premium if you choose to stay with us. Would you be interested? 

I wanted to ask what makes me a valued customer but didn't feel like going back and forth. Instead, I said this: 

 Reddit, Facebook, etc is full of people full of people who have their accounts closed for no reason. Something you also did to me in the past. Now, I actually want you to close my account and can't seem to get you to do that. 


 You have remaining 0.06 GBP on you account that prevents that… 


 Which was just deposited in there less than 10 minutes ago. Is this how it works. Every time someone tries to close an account you deposit money. 




 Really because previously, I was given 13 as goodwill when I tried to close the account. 


What I am saying is, the account balance has to be 0. Not negative, not positive. Right now you still have 0.06 GBP. There is no need to add funds, you just need to transfer these funds out. 


 It's your money 


It is yours since it has been rewarded to you. If you will agree we can just take it just so we can set the balance to 0 and then you can close your account. 


 I think I can handle not having that 6cents in my life that you gave me. Now if you want to reward me with €300 and 6 months of premium. Then I'll keep the account 


I am sorry. 


No you're not.


 I was then logged out of the app and receive an email that my account had been closed. Finally!