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The Fro

It's not to often that I can walk into a men's room and see a guy picking his afro. In fact, I've never actually see that before, so today when it happened I was rather intrigued. I was also a little flabbergasted as to how much time he spent picking it. From the time I walked in and peed, I was able to get to the point of washing my hands before he felt it was good to go. On the positive side, he did put the pick in his back pocket rather than leaving it in the hair.

To continue the water line

The water all over the counter and sink and floor; if you are wondering where it all comes from, like I did when I first noticed it, I can tell you. It comes from people a specific group of people. The guys go into the men’s room wash their faces then splash water all over their heads to the point of water running down the back of their shirts. You might think I’m exaggerating this but believe me when I say I’m not. Apparently some guys don’t shower at home and choose to wait till they get into the office.

The Water Park

For some reason many of the guys who use the lavatory, seem to have a problem washing their hands. It’s not that they don’t, which some don’t, it’s that they seem to think they are in a water park. What I mean by this statement is, for most of us, when we use the men’s room we just wash our hands then dry and go. Others on the other hand, wash hands, face, back, and anything else they can think of to get water all over the place. This leaves us normal people left leaning over the counter so as not to accidentally touch it and get the front of our shirts or pants (dependant on height) all wet. Unfortunately this happens pretty regularly. Personally I’m not a big fan of walking through the office looking like I just wet myself, but apparently others I work with don’t have a problem with it.

This actually happened a few weeks ago but is worth telling again.

I go to the men’s room and walk in to see the urinals are being used, no big deal since one of the stalls was open. I enter the stall and use my foot to lift the seat, not wanting to touch it with my hands. What I looked down upon, was something I didn’t even think possible. The only way to describe it is, imagine if you were drinking some red Cool Aid and someone told a joke as you were taking a huge drink. The joke was so funny that you spit the red Cool Aid all over in front of you. Well, what appeared to have happened was some guy had a large quantity of red Cool Aid up his ass. The underside of the lid had a very even spray pattern that worked its way around the inside of the bowl. The Cool Aid ass man was nice enough to flush after himself. What would have been nicer is a visit to a proctologist, as I can only speak from personal experience, but I believe Cool Aid shouldn’t come out of the ass in the form of a spray.

My First Blog

Before proceeding I would like to note, the men's room at my office is cleaned regularly and not some nasty run down piss hole. Having said that, I walk into the men's room a second before another fellow. And following good men's room etiquette, I choose the far left and he goes to the far right urinal, in a 3 urinal room. Nothing unusual until completing the excretion process, I flush as usual and go to wash my hands. The other fellow, does a rather out of shape version of a karate kick to hit the handle and flush his toilet, obviously not wanting to get potential piss on his hands. This all makes sense until he leaves the rest room without washing his own hands.