Veep Drinking Game

This actually happened a few weeks ago but is worth telling again.

I go to the men’s room and walk in to see the urinals are being used, no big deal since one of the stalls was open. I enter the stall and use my foot to lift the seat, not wanting to touch it with my hands. What I looked down upon, was something I didn’t even think possible. The only way to describe it is, imagine if you were drinking some red Cool Aid and someone told a joke as you were taking a huge drink. The joke was so funny that you spit the red Cool Aid all over in front of you. Well, what appeared to have happened was some guy had a large quantity of red Cool Aid up his ass. The underside of the lid had a very even spray pattern that worked its way around the inside of the bowl. The Cool Aid ass man was nice enough to flush after himself. What would have been nicer is a visit to a proctologist, as I can only speak from personal experience, but I believe Cool Aid shouldn’t come out of the ass in the form of a spray.