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Some of The Best Nicknames Donald Trump Has Been Called

I know we shouldn't make fun of the mentally challenged. But, in the case of Donald Trump, I think we can make an exception to the rule. And besides, for all the names he calls other people, it is only fair he gets a few of his own. So, I have scoured the internet (did a google search) and compiled some of the best Trump nicknames.  

Baby Trump Balloon

Not in any particular order. 

  • Angry Creamsicle 
  • Screaming Carrot Demon 
  • Agent Orange 
  • The Tangerine Tornado 
  • Cheeto-In-Chief 
  • The Angry Cheeto 
  • Don the Con 
  • Creep Throat 
  • Orangeback Gorilla 
  • Mrs. Putin 
  • Cinnamon Hitler 
  • Cheeto Mussolini
  • Benedict Donald 
  • Mussolini’s Taint 
  • 70-Year-Old Toddler 
  • Crybaby Trump 
  • Diaper Donald 
  • Man-Baby 
  • Donald Drumpf 
  • Hair Furor 
  • World’s Greatest Troll
  • President Spanky 
  • Groper-in-Chief 
  • Killer Klown from Outer Space 
  • President Tweety
  • Adolf Twitler 
  • Fuckface Von Clownstick - My personal favorite thanks to Jon Stewart.