I'll Buy That

Ever heard the saying, "money doesn't buy happiness," a saying usually uttered by people trying to make themselves feel better about not having any money? Ever notice how unhappy guys look while cruising down the road in their Porsche, or on their jet ski?

Money does buy happiness. And thanks to a new study on the most happy countries, it's been measured. "The new survey finds people of rich countries tend to be happier than those of poor countries." click here to read more, and quite trying to make yourself feel better about being poor, and update your saying to "Coors light buys happiness."


eccentri city said…
Case one: I have 5 bucks in my pocket and I am at whatever happiness level I am at for that day for whatever reason.

Case two: Same as case one, but I happen to find a buck on the ground. Happiness level raises just a tad.

Case three: Case one plus I find another 5 bucks on the ground, doubling what I have on my person. I eat at Red Robin and my happy level has increased more than case two.

Case four: Case one plus I win 50 million dollars in the lottery after taxes. Happy level is OFF THE CHARTS!

there seems to be a mathematical correlation between the amount of money and EC's happiness, thus disproving the hypothesis that "money doesn't buy happiness".
CM said…
yep, I would imagine not a lot of sad faces when people see the winning lottery number on their ticket.