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Deliveroo Did Not Deliver

 I usually use a different delivery service app, but I decided to try Deliveroo to order some food. After downloading and installing the app, we ordered from an Indian restaurant we like. The order was placed, and there was one annoying thing about the app already and that was the tip option. It gives you an option of giving a tip, which is nice, but you have to do it when placing the order, not after receiving it. My policy on tipping for delivery is to do it when they arrive so I can base my tip on the quality of the delivery.

We order the food and wait. Then looking in the app when we think they should be arriving to see where it is at, it shows as delivered. Well, you can probably see where this is going. The food was not delivered. I did not receive a call from the delivery person, and it was not left at the door.
In the app there is no option to call someone just to message the Deliveroo customer service. 


Me: This app says my food has arrived. However, the food has not arrived.

Melvin: Sometimes the food is left at the door if the delivery is unable to call you.

Me: I have not received a call and the driver did not leave any food at the door.

Melvin: Can you please confirm your address?

Me: (address provided)

After making me wait for a while.

Melvin: We requested your refund which will go through a quick check before we process it. You will receive email confirmation of your refund within 24-48 hours.

Me: So, what now? I have to order my food again?

Melvin: I personally understand that this issue has resulted in a disappointing experience... (insert additional generic copy and paste response)

Me: So you are not going to bother finding out what happened to the food?

Melvin: You are correct. We have requested a full refund.

Me: I normally use a different food delivery app. And, I can say this was my first time with this service and will be my last as well.

Melvin: I am sad you hear that and we hope to make it up to you soon.

This is one of those times that I miss the old days when you placed an order for delivery from the restaurant directly. Because back then if something like this happened, (which it never did for me) I could call the restaurant and speak to an actual person who would solve the problem and get me my food. Now, we speak to someone in another country who just copy and pastes responses as per what the screen in front of him says to do if a delivery doesn't arrive.

Update #1:

A couple of days later, I received notification in my Deliveroo account that the credit had been applied. So, I had to get on the chat again.

Me: I did not receive my order the other day. The customer service person I spoke with said my payment would be refunded. The payment was a credit to my account instead. I want the payment refunded to my card, so that way I don't ever have to use Deliveroo again, due to the terrible service.

Genesis: I'm sorry to hear that. Let me look at that for you.

I added a couple of screenshots of the previous conversation.

Genesis: Thanks for waiting. I've refunded the amount to the payment method you used for the order.

Hopefully, it arrives. Not the way to get business Deliveroo!

Update #2:

Hopefully a final update on this. I received a call from Deliveroo today, following up on my issue. I wish I had recorded it, but didn't. Basically, it was someone whose job is to follow up. so, I explained what happened, that I didn't get the food, the first customer service agent applied a credit instead of a refund, and I had to contact them again for the refund. Which will hopefully arrive next week sometime.

She did the same as the others apologized for the issue. She also said that she will be making note of this so that it goes to management and never happens again in the future. I laughed at that saying, "this will happen again in the future. not to me because I'm not using your service again, but it will happen to others." And the reason for this is because of the three people employed with Deliveroo I spoke with, not one of them said they will try to find out what happened to the food. That is the cause of this whole situation, and that is the problem they are not trying to solve. What happened to the food and how to prevent food from magically disappearing on delivery again in the future. That is what they need to do.