Pictures of Mohammed

After my recent post about Comedy Central bleeping out the word Mohammad from a recent episode of South Park, and how all media outlets are paranoid of showing his image, I thought I would try to find out how hard it is to find pictures of the Muslim idol. Apparently it isn’t that hard.

So what has my research shown me? That the Muslim radicals only care about mass media outlets. They don’t really care that much about people showing his image if they don’t have an audience. If they did, all the publishers of these images would receive threats, or even worse.

And really, isn’t that what religion is all about… hypocrisy and getting worked up over nothing, and only throwing a fit if it’s going to get on the evening news.


Quorri Scharmyn said…
Ha! I had no idea... but you should know that God will totally smite you and cast you into a pit of eternal brimfire, or something.

Wait! I thought religion was about imaginary friends and spreading the friendship to as many people as you can before you die, like a contest to see who is the best salesman? Oh, and it's about fear, too, right? :P Maybe that Christian Prophet guy can clarify for us heathens....
CM said…
Religion is one of these say one thing do another situations. we say spreading friendship and happiness. We do, is kill anyone who doesn't spread the same line of happiness as we do.