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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Strangled at Theater for Talking on Phone

Have you ever been to the movies and had some jerk talk on their cell phone, or to the person next to them throughout the movie? Exactly, we all have. And when that happens don't you feel the urge to strangle that person? Yep, had that feeling also.

Well, a man in Seattle actually did what we all have wanted to do. Someone else was talking, hand a ringing phone, and being a total ass to everyone else in the theatre and this man attacked the asshole. The problem of course is the world we live in. Instead of being praised and rewarded for trying to strangle the loud man at the theatre, this guy got to experience some quality time with the police.

A messed up world we live in. Read more here…

Friday, November 25, 2011

Buy Nothing Day 2011

It's that time of year again. that time when millions of people sit out in the cold, push, shove, and elbow their way into stores. All in order to save a few bucks buying something they don't need in the first place.

Or, you could stay at home, visit with family, relax, and enjoy the day like a normal person should.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pike Sprays Peaceful Protesters

Look, I'm getting irritated at the occupy protesters at times as well. But I also believe we are supposed to have freedom of speech in this country, and the right to peacefully protest.

Yet her is, another fine example of police going above and beyond when it comes to being assholes.

Notice peaceful protesters sitting on the ground. Then notice police officer Lt. John Pike walking down the row pepper spraying them.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Divorced Groom Sues Photographer for new Wedding

Been unemployed since 2008? Bitter, divorced, and can’t come up with a reasonable way to make some money? Solve all that with an easy to file lawsuit.

Todd J. Remis was married back in 2003, his wife has since left him and moved back to the country he ordered her from, yet for some reason he feels the need to sue the photographer who shot his wedding stating that the photographer missed some key shots. Not only does he want the cost of the wedding photographs to be reimbursed. He wants the photography studio to pay to re-create the wedding, at a cost of about $48,000 dollars.

Just to reiterate. They are divorced. The wedding was back in 2003. His wife currently lives in another country, and the husband doesn't even know where she is. Yet, this douche-bag wants the photography studio to pay over 50 grand.

As a photographer, I always make sure to include in my contracts that we are not liable for lost shots, or other things beyond our control such as bad lighting. I would assume this photographer has something similar in his contract. So it's bullshit that are system allows this guy to sue this photographer, forcing the photographer to spend a ton of money defending himself.

Further proof of what is wrong with people in this country and our judiciary system. Not only that we allow such a lawsuit but that the judge is allowing it to move forward.

Read the full story here…

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Avoid Being a Hipster Douche

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Unfortunately, living in the Pacific Northwest we have a tendency to get hipsterites easily. It doesn't help that most of us are fans of microbrews and indie music, and could easily be confused for a hipster. But their are some distinguishing traits to hipsters that allow them to be set apart from decent people.

So here are some things to look for when identifying hipsters, so that you can avoid some of these traits and people.

  • They listen to music no one has ever heard of, and if you mention that you heard that bands song on the radio they will stop listening to that band and talk shit to you for listening to it.
  • If listening to the radio they only listen to two radio stations: NPR or the local public supported station, in Seattle it would be KEXP.
  • They are very concerned about their appearance and style although will act like they are not.
  • They wear oversized framed glasses (think Ira Glass) and in some cases wear those glasses even though they don't need them.
  • Men will often wear t-shirts with ironic sayings or images on them with a blazer or sweater over it.
  • Women will usually wear clothing found at a second hand store, most likely a dress styled from the 70's.
  • Both men and women are fans of bright colored tennis shoes, such as the ones made by Converse or Vans.
  • Generally hipsters are in college or have recently graduation with a college degrees. They grew up in the suburbs, which is why they live within the city and pretend they have no money. Even though their parents paid for college and they will end up working for a startup corporation themselves, which will be bought-out by a real corporation eventually.
  • They refuse to go to chain restaurants or stores, as they are too good to support large corporations preferring dark bars that pass themselves off as speakeasy's or pubs. And their beer of choice is PBR, owned by a large corporation.
  • They reject corporate America even though they all own Apple Computers and have iPhones.
  • If they own a car it will usually be a hybrid of some kind. But, generally they don't have cars while living in the city. Hipsters prefer to ride bicycles or mass transit as it helps contribute to their feelings of being better than everyone else. 
If engaging a hipster in conversation, they will continually try to impress you with how knowledgeable they are on all subjects, and how you are an idiot for not agreeing with them. Although, they won't say it, it will come across in their holier-than-thou attitude. The easiest way to end a conversation with a hipster is to accuse them of being a hipster. If you are lucky, they will be offended and walk away. If you are unlucky, they will begin explaining all the ways that they are not a hipster.

It is important to avoid hipsters at all cost as hipsterites is contagious. One of the first signs will be your new-found interest in indie films and a desire to get a tattoo. If you find an interest in these things it is important to drink a six pack of Coors Light while watching two Sylvester Stallone movies, followed by Avatar.

Friday, November 11, 2011

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In this weeks news, the human race has removed another animal from the population. The Western Black Rhino of Africa has been officially declared extinct.

Read full story here…

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Idiots on the Street

I've been ranting against large banks for years, as can be read in a few of my past posts. So I appreciate people finally getting on the bandwagon with Bank Transfer day and other hostility towards large banks. But, having said all that, people are also retarded sheep. I was walking down the street after work and some guys passes a Chase bank and spits on the window of it.

So think about this douche-bag. Spitting on the window doesn't hurt the bank at all. The person who gets hurt is the low wage earning guy who is responsible for cleaning the windows. The bank, will never even know about it.

Monday, November 07, 2011


It's neck and neck, so here are some more reasons you should vote no on I-1125. Assuming you haven't already.

I-1125: A recipe for gridlock According to Eyman, if I-1125 passes it would kill the voter-approved plan to build light rail across Lake Washington on the I-90 floating bridge.That alone would create gridlock and hurt our economy-making it impossible for local businesses to get around and discouraging new business from opening in the Puget Sound region.

Turns our transportation system into a game of politics, not policy
Currently, an independent, non-partisan commission sets toll rates in the state. I-1125 would take toll rates out of the hands of that independent commission and turn it over to the state legislature.That will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions in increased bonding costs, according to an independent analysis for the State Treasurer.The idea of a legislator from Seattle setting toll rates in Eastern Washington or having a politician in Walla Walla determining important transportation policies in the Puget Sound area makes no sense -- that’s why no other state in the country lets politicians set toll rates.

Another flawed transportation initiative from Eyman
This isn’t the first time that Eyman has sponsored a measure aimed at changing transportation policy and creating more gridlock. In recent years, several Eyman-backed transportation measures have either been defeated at the polls or thrown out by the courts because they are poorly written or aren’t constitutional. Eyman has received the bulk of his contributions for I-1125, over $1 million, from a single donor, a wealthy developer.

Who is opposed to I-1125? The health of our communities and the health of our economy relies on good transportation policy that keeps people moving. I-1125 threatens to create gridlock around the state, damaging our quality of life and our economy.That’s why transportation planners across the state and a nearly unprecedented coalition of business, labor, environmental and community leaders have come together to oppose Initiative 1125 under the banner of Keep Washington Rolling.

content source No I-1125

Road Construction Supervision

Cruising past a construction site down in Seattle where they are building a new exit ramp, I see that. We have three guys standing at the edge of the ditch looking down. In the ditch is one guy, doing actual work.

Tax money well spent?

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Bank Transfer Day

It is bank transfer day today! If you haven't already close down that account with Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. and open an account with your local community bank.

Bank Transfer Day

BTD Facebook page...

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

House Of Representatives Votes on Our Motto

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In more news as to how lame our government is: The republican controlled house of representatives voted to reaffirming that 'In God We Trust' is our motto. Yes, they could be working on jobs bills, and other budgetary issues, but instead the tea-bagging republicans decided a vote on this was more important. Good job America for voting these people into office.

Red full story here…

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Riding Down the Stairs

I have quite a few problems with most of the people who race their bicycles around Seattle, cutting in and out of traffic. Here is another example of a problem I have.

Some guy at some point was riding his bike down the sidewalk, and for whatever reason, wasn't pay attention and rode his bike down some stairs.

I'm guessing by the pictures that he died. He looks like a nice enough guy, but because he wasn't paying attention the city now has to pay a bunch of money to install warnings and paint stuff letting people know there are stairs there. I would imagine there is a lawsuit as well, as this is America where we will sue someone for looking at us the wrong way