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Divorced Groom Sues Photographer for new Wedding

Been unemployed since 2008? Bitter, divorced, and can’t come up with a reasonable way to make some money? Solve all that with an easy to file a lawsuit.

Todd J. Remis was married back in 2003, his wife has since left him and moved back to the country he ordered her from, yet for some reason, he feels the need to sue the photographer who shot his wedding stating that the photographer missed some key shots. Not only does he want the cost of the wedding photographs to be reimbursed. He wants the photography studio to pay to re-create the wedding, at a cost of about $48,000 dollars.

Just to reiterate. They are divorced. The wedding was back in 2003. His wife currently lives in another country, and the husband doesn't even know where she is. Yet, this douche-bag wants the photography studio to pay over 50 grand.

As a photographer, I always make sure to include in my contracts that we are not liable for lost shots, or other things beyond our control such as bad lighting. I would assume this photographer has something similar in his contract. So it's bullshit that our system allows this guy to sue this photographer, forcing the photographer to spend a ton of money defending himself.

There could be more to this story than what is being reported. But based on the information provided so far, this is further proof of what is wrong with people in this country and our judiciary system. Not only that we allow such a lawsuit but that the judge is allowing it to move forward.