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Post Office Grammer

Standing in line at the post office the other day and noticed some less than steller grammer... Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Nissan LEAF 2.0


Still Blue in Washington State

It must suck being a Republican living in the state of Washington, like our most obnoxious Republican, former AM talk show host, and Rush Limbaugh wannabe Kirby Wilbur. We just elected another Democratic governor. We haven't elected a Republican in 30 years. We just legalized gay marriage, and made marijuana legal. A few years back we legalized death with dignity. And of course we have always been in favor of letting women choose what to do with their bodies.
As such: we might not be at the top of the education list like other blue states, 1.Massachusetts, 2.Vermont. But at least we are not at the bottom of the list like light red states, Utah, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, and the worst on the list West Virginia.

 So to my conservative friends, as you always threaten to move when a liberal wins, please do so, and move to the south. After all, if you want to be like Kirby or Rush, it would be a good idea…