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Free Speach, Not in America

In a country that promotes democracy and free speech, it’s interesting that our politicians are the ones against it. “Teacher under fire for his Cheney-9/11 theory” a person who happens to be a teacher spoke out on a talk show about his theory on 9/11 is now being condemned by politicians. How can we support free speech, when someone exercises that right they are then forced out of their job? It doesn’t matter if you buy in to what he is saying or not, he still has his rights to his opinions. If you don’t like what he believes then don’t take his class, or in this case, change the channel.

Arctic Oil Spills

I’ve always been against the idea of drilling in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge and it’s nice to read stories that support my opinion on the subject. Here is a story from MSNBC about oil spills BP closes some Alaska wells after allegations. The reason I’m pointing this out is that our conservative members of government claim the reason we should drill is improvements in safety and such. Well obviously it’s still not a perfect process. Personally I’m sticking behind the search for alternatives and increasing fuel economy.

The Seattle Supersonics are moving to Oklahoma?

Living in Seattle the big news today is the sale of the Sonics to a group of Oklahoma businessmen. The reason, the city won’t put up a bunch of money to build a new Arena. Do other cities make the same investment? My opinion is the same as it was with our other stadiums, it’s a business and the owners should flip the bill. Of course that didn’t stop them from raising taxes for those for Safeco or Qwest fields. If I wanted to build a coffee shop in Seattle I’m sure the city wouldn’t cover part of the bill? And the city shouldn’t be covering the bill on this one either.

I’ve been to Sonics games and had a good time when I was there. But do I go to games regularly? No. what I do experience is the traffic that always comes with any sporting event in Seattle. Will I miss that? Hell no! Yes, it’s too bad that we are loosing our oldest major sports team. And yes, it will probably affect city and local business revenue.

The city of Seattle wants money, the Sonics want money, and the owners want…

Road Rage

Finally now I have an excuse to swear and try to run people off the road. All thanks to a new study, ‘Road rage’ gets a medical diagnosis

Quotes to Prove You Are Smart

Occasionally I read other peoples blogs and its interesting how people always quote others to prove a point. I’ve been guilty of doing this myself. The thing to keep in mind when quoting people who died hundreds of years ago, is the world they lived in. For example, Thomas Jefferson said, “"Nothing is ours, which another may deprive us of." This makes sense; if someone can legally take it from me than it’s not mine. Update that to today’s world, and really it means I own nothing. If I don’t pay my property taxes, my house can be taken. In fact is there anything the government can’t take from me.

What’s my point here? Nothing really… Oh, how about, if you can’t come up with something interested to say yourself, shut the hell up.

Cry Like a Gambling Addicted Baby

I was reading someone else’s blog and they were commenting how depressed they are because they dropped out of law school because of a gambling problem, and now have to live off their parents instead of getting a real job, blah, blah, blah. Basically it offended me and I wrote this as a response to it. I’d link to his site so you can see the postings but totally forgot to note it.

Here’s what I said anyway:

…..Something that’s always amazed me about people with gambling addictions is how it’s always the addictions fault. Did the evil gambling addiction man make you spend all your (parents/governments) money at a casino? Did he physically grab your hand, force you to buy the chips and made you place the bets? “Excuses are like assholes, everybody has one, some just stink worse then others”

I’ve known people who were actual addicts, i.e. they had a physical addiction to something. If they didn’t shoot the heroin they would get sick. That’s an addiction.

I bet if your parents stop paying your…

Bad MySpace!?!?!?

Is it just me or do our law makers seem more out of touch with reality lately then usual? I just read an article on c/net news about a MySpace Crackdown " has been a center of drug activity, of gang activity, and of Internet predators," according to one of our republican senators. How does he know this? Is it some report he has read? Or did he actually go out set up an account and join a gang? Personally, I actually have a MySpace account and if I could use it as a good source for drugs, trust me I’d know about it.

An underage kid sets up a MySpace account meets some pedophile, the kid goes out and does whatever with the pervert and it’s the fault of MySpace. I’ve read multiple articles on this subject and rarely if at all do they mention the parents. Why is it the responsibility of the company to police this behavior? Everyone I talk to agrees that, it should be the responsibility of the parents, yet no one especially our government takes any actions to hold the p…

Microsoft big wig weirdo

The Seattle PI recently did a story about a big muckety muck at Microsoft, we'll call him Mr V.

Notice in this picturem we have a funny looking guy with a bunch of camera gear.

When I’m not busy bitching about things, I’m a photographer on the weekends and sometimes shoot weddings. I did a wedding for a couple who had it at a fancy house which turned out to be V's. The couple are acquaintances of his and he was loaning the place out, which was nice of him. Anyway as you can see in the picture, besides not knowing how to dress himself, he spent the wedding taking pictures of his own. I’ve never shot a wedding without other people running around shooting pics so no big deal. The point of this story is, the guy was an odd bird and kind of pushy. Actually that’s not the point, I’ll get to the point later. During the wedding he would walk down the isle, getting in peoples way to take a shot totally interfering with their view. One lady actually had to move seats because of him.

Now ba…

Finally something decent to say about Cingular.

Ok actually it isn’t decent about the company; it’s about many of the people who work for the company, or used to, since most everyone I know has quit by now. I’ve noticed in comparing Microsoft to Cingular, at Cingular a person would send out a funny little e-mail to their team or small group of friends, and the friends would laugh and comment on it. Microsoft on the other hand, not so… I’m compiling questions from a survey and someone had a funny response to one of the questions, I of course forwarded it to the other 4 people working on the project thinking they would appreciate it… not a single person responded, and before you say it, YES it was funny and respond worthy. Crazy professional at work people!!!