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The Seattle Supersonics are moving to Oklahoma?

Living in Seattle the big news today is the sale of the Sonics to a group of Oklahoma businessmen. The reason, the city won’t put up a bunch of money to build a new Arena. Do other cities make the same investment? My opinion is the same as it was with our other stadiums, it’s a business and the owners should flip the bill. Of course that didn’t stop them from raising taxes for those for Safeco or Qwest fields. If I wanted to build a coffee shop in Seattle I’m sure the city wouldn’t cover part of the bill? And the city shouldn’t be covering the bill on this one either.

I’ve been to Sonics games and had a good time when I was there. But do I go to games regularly? No. what I do experience is the traffic that always comes with any sporting event in Seattle. Will I miss that? Hell no! Yes, it’s too bad that we are loosing our oldest major sports team. And yes, it will probably affect city and local business revenue.

The city of Seattle wants money, the Sonics want money, and the owners want money. Welcome to America! What happens if we lose the Sonics? The city will actually loose money. They get some of the game revenue. The Sonics will make money after the move. I hear the Oklahoma crowd actually attends games. And the owners will make money. I’m sure Howard Schultz is sitting just fine after this deal. The real tragedy I see here is that some of the fans won’t move with the team and clear up just a little more traffic for me. Let’s just take all the people who will be loosing jobs and send them down with the team.