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Microsoft big wig weirdo

The Seattle PI recently did a story about a big muckety muck at Microsoft, we'll call him Mr V.

Notice in this picturem we have a funny looking guy with a bunch of camera gear.

When I’m not busy bitching about things, I’m a photographer on the weekends and sometimes shoot weddings. I did a wedding for a couple who had it at a fancy house which turned out to be V's. The couple are acquaintances of his and he was loaning the place out, which was nice of him. Anyway as you can see in the picture, besides not knowing how to dress himself, he spent the wedding taking pictures of his own. I’ve never shot a wedding without other people running around shooting pics so no big deal. The point of this story is, the guy was an odd bird and kind of pushy. Actually that’s not the point, I’ll get to the point later. During the wedding he would walk down the isle, getting in peoples way to take a shot totally interfering with their view. One lady actually had to move seats because of him.

Now back to the article, it makes him sound like a normal easy going guy who loves photography, which might be true, other then the odd bird part. The article also makes him sound like an accomplished photographer, which I do take issue with.

Now for my point: Let’s put it in prospective, he’s carrying two Canon 1D’s, they run from about $5,000.00 to $7,000.00 each. Another couple grand in lenses, add memory and other accessories he carrying over $15,000.00 in camera gear. The article talks about him hiring professional photographer, taking trips and all that crap. When it comes down to it, anyone with that kind of money to spend, can take beautiful pictures. You take an African safari, take 2 thousand pictures while there, I’m sure you would get at least a handful of decent ones.

Money does not make a person a great photographer. Looking throughout history, poets, writers, artists, and photographers usually fall on the less rich side of life. At least at first they do. The reason for this, you can’t buy an imagination and creativity. And creativity usually comes from necessity.

One final point, what kind of person has his own pictures all over his office, house, and rotating on a plasma screen? An odd bird.