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Bad MySpace!?!?!?

Is it just me or do our law makers seem more out of touch with reality lately then usual? I just read an article on c/net news about a MySpace Crackdown " has been a center of drug activity, of gang activity, and of Internet predators," according to one of our republican senators. How does he know this? Is it some report he has read? Or did he actually go out set up an account and join a gang? Personally, I actually have a MySpace account and if I could use it as a good source for drugs, trust me I’d know about it.

An underage kid sets up a MySpace account meets some pedophile, the kid goes out and does whatever with the pervert and it’s the fault of MySpace. I’ve read multiple articles on this subject and rarely if at all do they mention the parents. Why is it the responsibility of the company to police this behavior? Everyone I talk to agrees that, it should be the responsibility of the parents, yet no one especially our government takes any actions to hold the parents liable.

I’ve got a grand idea… a comprehensive test you are required to take before you are allowed to have a child. One of the questions can be on how to police your child’s internet activities. If you fail the test you can’t have children. Yes, I know the logistics and enforcement of such a law would be impossible. But the idea of putting owness on a parent to actually do their job and raise their children themselves isn’t extreme. Maybe that’s what our politicians should spend some time on instead of blaming a company that’s just doing what it set out to do, introduce people to each other.