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Ignorant White Americans Speak

A video from the Glen Beck rally. I think the participants speak for themselves, no commentary from me needed.

I wonder if Beck ever sits back and thinks to himself, “fuck, these are the people who listen to me?!?!?”

Birth Rate Drops

Hey, here’s some good news about the recession. The economy is reducing the birth rate in this country. It’s nice to see that some people are being smart and realizing the high expense of having children. Now if we could only start being smart and start realizing the high strain our overblown population is having on the planet.

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Beck Rally

Do we need more proof of what’s wrong with America? Here’s proof, Glen Beck held a rally in Washington DC and 78,000 to 96,000 people showed up. Of course Beck is saying it was more like 500,000 people, but just the fact that more than one person showed up, shows us that the right-wing, narrow-minded, conservative, douche-bags in this country have way to much sway on people. And that to many people are mindless retards. - Read more on the upshot

Drive Tard of the Week

Rule of thumb people, if you can’t drive the speed limit and eat your McDonalds at the same time… don’t.

Another Pastor Molester Charge

Looks like another pastor has been charged with child molestation. No surprise about the news, but WTF people! At what point do we stop sending our children to places like this.
- Click here for full story.

CM Update

Haven’t been posting much lately, I’ve had a lot going on. It might be a while before you get anything good from me, but I’ll try to occasionally post some interesting cranky monkey style news or whatever to keep this blog going until I can get back on track

Yard Sale at the Estate

So I’m walking my dog and notice this sign for a yard sale at the Hillcrest Estates building H. I wanted to walk over and check out what they had, as I’m sure it would be some super awesome stuff. The Hillcrest Estates should really be called Hillcrest Ghettoville. They are about as far away from estates as an estate can get, so I’m sure the stuff listed by this well written cardboard sign, is choice. I’m sure the people who rent low-end apartments in South Everett at building H, must have some super fantastic items.

Unfortunately I didn’t really have time to swing by and check it out, I’m sure it is my loss, as I could have picked up something super fabulous.

More BP Pics

It's been a while since I've posted on the BP oil spill, and since they are finally managing to prevent the oil from spilling, I thought I'd just post a few reminder pics.


The Dead Still Get Parking Tickets in Seattle

Leave it to the Seattle police to not care if a person is alive or dead, as long as they can make a few bucks off the deal. This last Tuesday a parking enforcement officer went up to a car that was illegally parked, with the driver “asleep” behind the wheel. The officer knocked on the window and the person didn’t wake up, so instead of trying to figure out if the person was well or not, the officer wrote the person a ticket. The person of course being dead in the car.
Read more on the Seattle PI

Rush Limbaugh Is a Fucktard

Just look at the guy… what a big fat full of crap douche-bag. Yet somehow people listen to him. Why am in not a republican? Because most of his listeners are, at that says something about the mindless sheep on the conservative side of the spectrum.

He said if Obama won the election he would move out of this country, yet he is still here. Hypocrisy- republican approved

He says he’s for family values but he’s been married 4 times.

He speaks out against gay marriage yet he hired Elton John to sing at his wedding.

Don Imus makes one unintentional racist comment on his show at it gets canceled. Rush has made so many racist comments it’s not possible to count. Yet his is one of the highest rated shows in America. What’s that say about most Americans.

Toilet of the Dead

I don’t know about you, but it sure makes me want to sit down and take a nice big crap.

Top Things that Would Make International Travel Better

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in a while, that’s because I’ve been on vacation. And with travels comes a noticing that some things about travel could be done to make it even a better experience. So here’s my list of things that the world should do to make travel better.

Common Language – I know people think that speaking a common language would make them lose their heritage, but it wouldn’t. We can still keep our traditions and languages, just as many Native American tribes have, while still speaking a common language. By having a common language it might even increase cultural understanding as we would be able to communicate better. And of course it would make ordering food easer as well.

Common Currency – the European Union has managed to do it with some success, so why can’t the world do it. each country can still count for its own rate of inflation and what not, so the price of an item will still vary from country to country, but at least we wouldn’t have to deal with ex…