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Another Pastor Molester Charge

Looks like another pastor has been charged with child molestation. No surprise about the news, but WTF people! At what point do we stop sending our children to places like this.

- Click here for full story.


Rooster said…
I assume your point is why people are sending their children to be babysat by middle-aged men, and not that you are judging the masses based on the extremely small percentage of sick bastards that are not actually representative of said religion, right?

If I'm assuming correctly, I agree with you whole-heartedly. Besides, it's a bad economy and teenage girls need work. They should be the babysitters.
MGD said…
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MGD said…
I’m not really making much of a point. I think the Catholic religion has a lot of issues that it needs to resolve, and needs to stop denying that there is one.

Adam Carolla makes this joke that I think applies to this situation. “Would you rather send your children to camp with the dad who wants to hang out in the woods with a bunch of kids? Or would rather have the dad there, who doesn’t want to hang out with a bunch of kids?”

Would you rather have a man who has taken a vow of celibacy, even though he has those urges, around your children? Or would you rather have a pastor who is married and gets laid regularly?
Rooster said…
LMAO!!! Love Adam Carolla. Very good point.