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Top Things that Would Make International Travel Better

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in a while, that’s because I’ve been on vacation. And with travels comes a noticing that some things about travel could be done to make it even a better experience. So here’s my list of things that the world should do to make travel better.

Common Language – I know people think that speaking a common language would make them lose their heritage, but it wouldn’t. We can still keep our traditions and languages, just as many Native American tribes have, while still speaking a common language. By having a common language it might even increase cultural understanding as we would be able to communicate better. And of course it would make ordering food easer as well.

Common Currency – the European Union has managed to do it with some success, so why can’t the world do it. each country can still count for its own rate of inflation and what not, so the price of an item will still vary from country to country, but at least we wouldn’t have to deal with exchanges or returning home with a bunch of foreign currency we can’t use.

Ketchup – fine Europe you want to put mayonnaise all over everything, that’s your choice. My choice is ketchup and it would be nice to have it offered as a condiment when I order some freaking fries.

Decent Beer – living in the pacific northwest I get spoiled when it comes to my selection of beer, so it is really frustrating when I travel and have choice of Bud or something that tastes just like Bud.

Replace All Airline Industry Employees – The security checks as the airports are a joke, the flight attendants are ass faces, and really everyone in the industry in any form should just be dropped off on an island everywhere to rot, and replaced completely. We should start over with the whole thing, redo how we do security, service, schedules, and comfort.

Mass Transit – this is really just a pet peeve of mine. I’ve traveled quite a bit and one thing that pisses me off is how most countries have decent mass transit systems except mine. I’ve been to places in Eastern Europe with a super subway system, even though they were a 3rd world country a few years ago. And to places in South America that make it easier to figure out the bus system there, than here in Seattle where I actually speak the language. Not to mention it’s cheaper and faster there to get from one city to the next, with their system than our Greyhound service.

Bullet Trains – this is another one of those things the U.S. doesn’t have and many countries do. It’s more efficient than air travel, environmental friendly, and doesn’t involve airport security.

Well Written Travel Guides – Some travel guides I’ve used are pretty good, and some are not. It’s nice to pick up a guide that has a list of things to see and do, which all seem to have. But what would also be handy is a good map over the crappy one many guides have, and decent sections on traveling around while in a location. It’s nice to tell me something to see, now why don’t you tell me the best way to get there and see it.

Universal Power Outlets – most hotels these days do a decent job of providing adaptors, but what would be even better is an outlet that is the same everywhere. That way electronics makers would not need to make a plug for each country, and I wouldn’t need to travel with adaptors.

Common Units of Measurement – this is another dig on my country. Everywhere I go I get degrees in Celsius that I have to try to convert to Fahrenheit. Add to this trying to figure out distances, because I live in the U.S. and we feel the need to use our own system that no one else uses.