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Kemper Freeman's Road Rage

Bellevue Square owner Kemper Freeman believes you’ve been brainwashed into supporting light rail. He wants helicopters for the very rich, freeways for everyone else, and absolutely no light rail to Bellevue.

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Scott Olsen Injured By Police for Peaceful Protesting

For those who haven't heard this bit of news, because they are to busy watching the Fox Pseudo-News Channel .

A Iraq war veteran, Scott Olsen, was peacefully protesting in Oakland, California like many are doing these days, when he was shot in the head by police with a gas canister. Then later, when people tried to help him another officer shot a gas canister into the crowd who were trying to help the injured man.

One more reason to vote 'yes' on Initiative 1183

ONE of the best reasons to vote for Initiative 1183, which would end the state liquor monopoly, has been little mentioned in the debate so far. If I-1183 fails, the state will likely subject itself to a private liquor monopoly — a dubious adventure in crony capitalism.

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Javan Rhino Officially Declared Extinct in Vietnam

Aren't we just an impressive species, with our ability to kill and destroy everything we come in contact with.

Authorities have confirmed that remains found in April 2010 are in fact those of the last living Javan rhinoceros in Vietnam. Found in Cat Tien National Park with a bullet in its leg and its horn removed..

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Starbucks Long Line for Nothing

On the first floor of the building I work in, there is a Starbucks. This is pretty typical of downtown offices. What I find interesting about this is, how long people will stand in line waiting for a crappy cup of coffee.

This is downtown Seattle, there are plenty of places that make a decent cup of coffee that are more worth standing in line for. Especially a line out the door

Another Study Proving Global Warming is Real

Another study released proving that Global Warming is Real. The interesting thing about this one is it was partially funded by a group that is trying to prove that global warming isn't real.

No matter how much money you have, a fact is still a fact, and science is still science, whether you believe it or not.

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No on I-1125


Saturday Night Live - GOP Debate Parody

Hotmail Improvements?

I recently received two e-mails from Microsoft's Hotmail, informing me of all the improvements to the service over the past few years. It talks about spam, faster, etc. If you will notice by the screenshot here. It apparently doesn't mean improvements to sending me duplicates of the same e-mail a minute apart from each other.


I-1183 Campaign Spending

Here is something I don't understand. The yes on 1183 campaign has more money, according to various articles I've read in local papers. Yet, everywhere I go I see signs for the no campaign. Which makes no sense, as the money campaign should be more visible, thanks for its cash.

People! Don't believe the propaganda of the no campaign. The roads will be plenty safe if this law passes. Many other states have legalized the sale of alcohol at stores, and they have the same accident statistics as we do. And as a friend of mine recently pointed out, the roads will probably be safer if this passes because people won't have to drive as far for a visit to the liquor store.

We are a liberal state, lets act like it and vote yes on 1183.

And every time you see an ad on a website for the no campaign, click on it! That doesn't mean you support the cause, it means you are costing the no campaign money. They have to pay for those ad clicks each time.

Wasted Cost of Training and Chatterboxes

I have nothing against taking advantage of the company dollar. I enjoy any lunch I can get them to pay for, or any free swag such as cups or t-shirts. But, I can also respect the cost of stuff and when taking advantage of trainings they pay for, I actually use the time to learn what is being taught.

Right now, I am in the process of obtaining a Six Sigma Green Belt certification. For those who don't know, it’s the latest fad if project management processes. My director has to approve the cost of the courses, as it involves a total of 6 days training. The first 3 days costs $1,500 per person, so I'm going to assume the second 3 days are $1,500 as well. I also get $8 bucks a day for lunch, and of course they pay my salary to attend the training vs. paying my salary to do the job I was hired to do.

In my class of 16 people, there are about 6 who the company flew in for out of state. So they get their airfare paid for, hotel, rental car, and all meals.

Two of the people who ha…

The Clean Air Act Is Under Attack -- Again

Industry polluters and their allies in Congress are pushing two more bills that would make permanent, harmful changes to the Clean Air Act and block efforts to clean up mercury and other toxic pollutants. Send your representative a note today urging them to stand strong!

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Mmmm Good Coal Energy Drink


Yes on 1183

Okay Washington residents, last year you were stupid and didn't vote to approve to privatize liquor sales. How about you try to be a little smarter this year and vote to approve initiative1183.

Reasons to vote yes:
Gets the state out of the liquor business:
This allows them to just collect the tax, but not have to pay for the locations and employees. Saves us all money.

Does not apply to all stores:
So it won't be like the no ads say, and the local convince store will have liquor. The law allow a limited number of grocery and retail stores to get licenses to sell liquor, if they meet certain strict requirements and are approved by the Liquor Control Board

New revenue for the state:
Under the initiative, businesses that get licenses to sell liquor will pay a percentage of their revenues as license fees, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenues for state and local government services, such as health care, education and public safety.

Eliminates outdated regula…