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Wasted Cost of Training and Chatterboxes

I have nothing against taking advantage of the company dollar. I enjoy any lunch I can get them to pay for, or any free swag such as cups or t-shirts. But, I can also respect the cost of stuff and when taking advantage of trainings they pay for, I actually use the time to learn what is being taught.

Right now, I am in the process of obtaining a Six Sigma Green Belt certification. For those who don't know, it’s the latest fad if project management processes. My director has to approve the cost of the courses, as it involves a total of 6 days training. The first 3 days costs $1,500 per person, so I'm going to assume the second 3 days are $1,500 as well. I also get $8 bucks a day for lunch, and of course they pay my salary to attend the training vs. paying my salary to do the job I was hired to do.

In my class of 16 people, there are about 6 who the company flew in for out of state. So they get their airfare paid for, hotel, rental car, and all meals.

Two of the people who happen to be sitting directly behind me, flew in from out of state, have more or less spent the whole time chatting with each other, paying little attention to the actual training. Another lady didn't even attend the first day of training. And when she showed up the second day, she spent almost all day e-mailing, chatting over Lync, and not paying attention to the training at all. She showed up 1 hour late on the 3rd day, and as you might expect, didn't participate in the training just as the on the second day. So why are these people even bothering to attend? Because they get the certification for passing the test, not for paying attention during training. So instead of appreciating the opportunity to get a class that many people actually have to pay for, paid for, they just waste time and money that could go towards improving company profit and increase the stock share price that sits stagnant and I would like to be able to sell someday for a profit.