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Yes on 1183

Okay Washington residents, last year you were stupid and didn't vote to approve to privatize liquor sales. How about you try to be a little smarter this year and vote to approve initiative1183.

Reasons to vote yes:
Gets the state out of the liquor business:
This allows them to just collect the tax, but not have to pay for the locations and employees. Saves us all money.

Does not apply to all stores:
So it won't be like the no ads say, and the local convince store will have liquor. The law allow a limited number of grocery and retail stores to get licenses to sell liquor, if they meet certain strict requirements and are approved by the Liquor Control Board

New revenue for the state:
Under the initiative, businesses that get licenses to sell liquor will pay a percentage of their revenues as license fees, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenues for state and local government services, such as health care, education and public safety.

Eliminates outdated regulations on wine sales:
helps small Washington wineries and lead to better selections and more competitive wine prices

Better choices for us:
This allows us the consumer to have more choices on where we purchase our liquor. We won't have to drive to a hidden liquor store somewhere, and purchase more than what we need just because we don't want to drive back later.

The no ads say that this will increase traffic accidents, yet other states that allow stores to sell liquor have similar accident rates as us per population. They also say that the prices will go up, but in fact they will go down. This is because the state just collects its tax without having to deal with the markup cost. And by having more locations that sell, competition will be in play.